What is is the first end-to-end signal processing-based artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning platform.

What does “end-to-end solution” mean?

Binah.ia’s end-to-end solution encompasses the complete data science process, covering everything from data validation, data pre-processing, signal processing, feature extraction, classification, clustering, building a model, predictions, anomalies and more, all the way to production.

What is offering?’s solutions are available in three “flavors”:

  • Off-of-the-shelf – BinahNOW or can be custom-tailored to your specific needs
  • Project-based turnkey Data Science Services deliver answers to the most common data science challenges, like anomalies, classifications, and predictions.
  • Data Science Excellence Center, in which dedicated teams of on-demand data scientists assist with defining and optimizing the challenges, creating the framework to deliver focused responses in real time

Who can use’s platforms can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere, at any organization. The solutions are easy-to-use and requires no special skills. You don’t have to be a data scientist, BI analyst, developer, or a DevOps engineer. Even marketers can use Binah’s solution to get meaningful answers to critical business questions.

Are you a cloud-based or an on-premise solution?

Our platform supports both cloud and on-premise solution.

What kind of data types does your platform support?

The system can analyze structured, unstructured, and semistructured data, including images, text, raw data and even network packets.

How do I decide what answers I’m trying to get?

BinahNOW delivers out-of-the-box solutions for common queries across industries, including financial services and automotive. Our Virtual Data Scientist platform can be used to discover anomalies, make predictions and classify information. Our Data Science Excellence Center team works directly with your company to craft both the questions and integrate the correct data to deliver the right answers.