Approach enables actionable, accurate, and rapid answers to real-world business challenges. The unified business analytics Augmented Data-science Engine delivers a simple solution for the highly complex process of analyzing your data to extract critical business insights.’s approach delivers the actionable information you need to make wise business decisions and maximize your bottom line. The system comes with ready-to-use use cases, quickly delivering the answers to your industry’s critical questions, eliminating speculation and intuition.

We guide our customers in asking the most relevant questions about their unique data and ensure their data-driven projects are laser-focused to be cost effective and accelerate ROI.

Essentially, Binah democratizes data science. The easy-to-use system allows everyone to get answers to a full range of business queries, no matter their level of experience, knowledge, time, or capabilities.

Businesses get data-based answers to critical business questions with Binah’s combination of signal processing, data preparation, machine and deep learning, and algorithmic analysis. The simple plug-and-play data science engine enables enterprises to solve almost any challenge without spending millions on custom-created, in-house research and massive hiring.

Most data-focused projects today combine dozens or even hundreds of open-source packages and libraries, requiring you to trust multiple sources of coding.’s proprietary model enables full control over the entire project – without any need for your strategy team to have to manage anything under the hood.

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