Vehicle Driver and Passenger Health Monitoring

Ensure the health and safety of passengers and drivers using contactless, video-based health and wellness monitoring
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Monitor Drivers' and Passengers' Wellbeing for a Safe Drive

Track driver and passenger health and safety, confirming everyone on board is on the road to wellness.

The Challenge

Autonomous vehicles manufacturers and insurance companies need to continuously track the vital signs of their passengers and drivers, ensuring they safely arrive at their destinations

Standard Solutions

Require physical contact

Use separate wearables

Expensive to implement

Don’t correlate with other use cases's Solution

Unique Approach to Vital Sign Tracking

Requires no skin contact

Uses existing dashboard vehicle camera

Compensates for motion/light influences

Continuous analysis from journey start to finish


The Importance of Passenger and Driver Health Monitoring

"Inside the Box"

Driverless cars used to be “only in the movies,” but now they’re becoming a reality. Autonomous car technology is being developed by most major car makers, including Lexus and Mercedes; we’ve even seen Tesla’s driver-less Autopilot system on the roads. Google is developing its autonomous car technology in the wild, and Apple is rumored to be working with BMW on its own automated car.

While the focus of autonomous car development is whether they can confidently drive on streets and highways and not run into black walls at night, several neglected issues are becoming crucial.

Today, if something happens to the driver or passenger, such as a heart attack, the car stops, and someone may help, or the driver takes the passenger directly to the hospital.

In autonomous cars, if the passenger suffers a heart attack, he may reach a very different “final” destination.

Tracking what’s happening inside the car is becoming a serious challenge for the automobile industry.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitoring passengers’ and drivers’ vital signs comes in many forms and technologies.’s heart rate solution delivers non-intrusive, “no touch” heart rate monitoring using a simple video feed in real time. It’s based on signal extraction of skin segments of the human face.’s heart rate monitoring consists of: 
  • Optimized face detection and tracking
  • Motion compensation corrects movement and shaking
  • Illumination normalization to support fluctuating lighting conditions
  • Automated selection of skin region of interest 
  • Crafted heart rate estimation algorithm that includes:
    • Creation of photo-plethysmography signal
    • Signal de-noising, and removal of rapid-intensity artifacts
    • Spectral analysis of the photo-plethysmography signal
    • Reconstruction of an ECG-like signal

Heart Rate Variability

What’s the difference between Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability?

Heart rate focuses on the average beats per minute; heart rate variability (HRV) measures the specific changes in time – or variability – between heart beats. The time between beats is measured in milliseconds and is called an “R-R interval” or “inter-beat interval (IBI).”

Four common examples of how HRV monitoring helps in real life:

  • Heart health evaluation
  • Training optimization
  • Physical and psychological stress analysis
  • Anxiety treatment

Stress Measurement’s new approach to stress-level detection based on Heart Rate Variability, which is being extracted using a live video feed from the car itself, can measure stress on a daily basis without needing any additional devices or wearables. 

The foundation of the technology is based on several medical papers that validated the correlation between HRV and stress measurement.’s HR monitoring, HRV, and stress monitoring app is available as an SDK for iOS and Android or as an end-to-end white label platform. – Plug-and-play

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