We Had the Most Amazing Time at CES 2020 – Here’s What You Missed!

CES 2020 is over, and after 4 days of sharing the spotlight with more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, we’re still on cloud nine! Here’s what made our exhibition such a wild ride, and some of the highlights that you might have missed.

The CES Innovation Award

Our team was delighted to be named an honoree of the 2020 CES Innovation Award. This recognition calls out companies that excel in design, innovation and engineering, and is judged by global industry experts through a rigorous product review that spans many categories. Our video-based health and wellness monitoring app has taken many years of hard work and perseverance, and it is incredibly validating for us to see the splash that our innovation is making in the industry.

Were you at CES Unveiled?

We absolutely loved showcasing our app at CES Unveiled, where industry leaders and influencers meet with innovative technology companies and media moguls to discuss products and trends that are making waves across the market. We got to share the stage with some of the most exciting and innovative consumer tech products. Here’s Forbes’ great round-up of some of the top apps and technology that’s available now, proving how much excitement and growth there is around Artificial Intelligence. As one influencer said, “walking the exhibit floors at CES drives home the fact that artificial intelligence is no longer a vision of the future. It is here today and is clearly going to be more integrated into our world going forward.”

CNBC Stopped by to Discuss our solution!

We had a blast showing off our BVue app, and demonstrating how by videoing a user’s upper cheekswe can detect vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress levels and more.

CNBC were so impressed, they interviewed our CEO, David Maman to hear more about the technology. He was happy to oblige, explaining our exciting roadmap and the timeline for new features. “During the next two years, we’ll be adding temperature, haemoglobin levels, blood pressure, and glucose.”

He also discussed who could benefit from the application, including clinical practitioners, telehealth companies and the insurance industry, all of whom could rely on medical grade accuracy tested at four different hospitals. Privacy and data safeguarding of course is also of the utmost importance. “The beautiful thing about this technology is that you don’t need any wearables, you don’t need any internet connectivity. Everything runs on the devices, and even Binah.ai never see any of the information.” Don’t forget to check out the full interview, here.

And of course, our #1 Highlight… Meeting so many of you!

Altogether throughout the event, we met more than 2,000 of you, so you’ll forgive us if we don’t mention you all by name! Our stand was incredibly busy throughout the four days, and we loved being able to show you all how our solution works in practice, and giving you a chance to try it out first-hand.

We also got a chance to discuss how our app is already working in its existing B2B form, such as its current integration with Sompo Himawari, the leading Japanese Insurance company. As part of its own mental health monitoring mobile app, it was a huge hit, and gave visitors a real taste of how the technology can be used right now for business growth and innovation. If you’re looking to integrate our app into your applications or systems, get in touch here.

Wrapping it up and Looking Ahead

As David told CNBC during the interview, by end of March, end users will be able to download BVue from the new www.bvue.app website, as well as in the various market app store. This means that even if you’re not a business, but an individual looking to stay on top of your vital signs and monitor your health from the device you already have in your pocket – you’re in luck! We’re so excited to see how our technology can revolutionize the way that individuals manage their health and put data behind their wellbeing. Don’t forget to register your interest right here.

Just because the event is over, don’t be a stranger! We love hearing from you, learning your thoughts about the technology, and feature ideas for our future roadmap. Reach out with any comments, questions or ideas…. Until next time!

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