Health Score for Insurance

Improve Risk Management
With’s Health Score’s Health score
To make effective use of extracted health data easier,’s medical team developed a health score.’s health score is based on previous peer reviewed scientific publications on the relationship between vital signs, mortality and morbidity rates. This model combines extracted vital signs including, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data) and Mental Stress levels and provides a way for customers to quantify the long-term mortality risk and hidden health issues of adult clients (ages 18-60) who claim to have no medical conditions.’s health score places the health risk of clients on a scale ranging from 0 (lowest risk) to 9 (highest risk).

When to use?
Age ≤ 60
Medical History

NO heart disease
NO Respiratory disease
NO Diabetes
NO Hypertension
NO inflammatory condition
NO oncologic disease
Other per validation process

Vital Health Indicators
How are vital signs related to mortality or morbidity risk?
Several population studies indicate an association between low heart rate variability (HRV) and increased risk of both cardiac events and mortality among the general population.
In a meta-analysis* including 46 studies and over one million patients, despite answering “no” to cardiac related questions on a questionnaire, patients with a resting heart rate of above 80 bpm were shown to be at higher risk of mortality. The study concluded that higher resting heart rate was independently associated with increased risk of both all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.
The mind, heart, and body are all interconnected and interdependent. A scientific statement** by the American Heart Association concluded that “there is a substantial body of good-quality data showing clear associations between psychological health and CVD risk,” and that “psychological health can positively or negatively affect cardiovascular risk factors, risk for CVD events, and cardiovascular prognosis over time.”
Let’s Health Score Help You with Better Services and Business Decisions

Dynamic Underwriting
Bolster periodical assessments with’s health score to update risk assessments and offer customers services tailored to their needs.

Clean insights into real-time client health issues left undetected by outdated questionnaires. Reduce the need for medical exams and eliminate wearables.

Wellness Programs
Apply’s health score to drive success of customer wellness efforts and offer clients personalized services and rewards.


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