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Open Positions


Who are we focuses on creating simple-to-use solutions for highly specific challenges faced by organizations in different industries like digital health, insurance and wellness, and automotive.

We invite you to become part of the team to help us deliver disruptive technologies using data science. Use your creativity, imagination and skills to transform the way businesses solve day-to-day operational challenges.

Our Technology’s “special sauce” is a combination of signal processing, AI, machine and deep learning, and machine vision. They compose and deliver the highest quality solutions to  customer challenges focused on their business goals. Similarly, our marketing and sales teams are also of the highest caliber. Everyone is valued at, regardless of their official title.

Our Partners is already working with some of the world’s largest insurance and health companies including Sompo in Japan; and global consulting companies like KPMG and E&Y; as well as with major automotive organizations.

Company values


At, we’re charting new ground, delivering solutions that were previously impossible to achieve. We encourage you to share your ideas and bring them into reality, to close gaps, and to identify new opportunities. Everything we build is based on in-house creativity, ensuring we and what we build is better today than yesterday.

Creating Client Value

Different clients require different approaches, ensuring that every function and feature of our solutions is unique and strategic to our customers. It’s this entrepreneurial approach that we use to transform complex concepts into easy-to-use solutions that deliver answers quickly and directly contribute to our customers’ bottom lines.

Customer Focus

Most organizations want to embrace AI and augmented data analytics but they don’t know where to start. Being a member of’s team means that you help our customers clearly define the specific problems they face so we can create solutions. We provide you with resources and technologies to help you produce only excellent solutions, over-delivering for our customers so they can more quickly reach their goals.


At, you will not be bored. Innovation, creative thinking, and taking new approaches to solve long-time, unsolvable challenges are a requirement for the job. You need to be passionate about using “big” thinking to create “small,” highly focused solutions. Success, for us, means continuous learning, adaptability, and experimentation to better serve clients. Bring your entrepreneurial spirit toward endless innovation to take to the next level.


All members of the team operate at the highest levels of integrity, honesty, transparency, and accountability. Building relationships based on trust internally and with our clients is an essential foundation of our success, your success, and our clients’ success.


At, everyone is focused on a common goal – solving problems. To achieve this, we’ve created an atmosphere of fun, creativity and collaboration, ensuring everyone is an integral part of the team. Our positive, cross-functional atmosphere provides you with opportunities to share your skills and learn from your mentors and colleagues.


Homogeneity will not lead to achievement. We value diversity and inclusion. We place significant value on respect for everyone in every role at every level within the organization. The variety of experiences, ideas, education, and perspective drives’s success. Wherever you are from, you're welcome.


Israel Office

Amot Atrium Building
2, Jabotinski Rd.
Ramat Gan