Financial Services

You already have billions of data points that you’ve stored for years: customers, employees, traders, transactions, exchange rates, stocks, cash flow, and so on.

Now you can use that data to extract the insights that will drive profits for decades to come (and finally deliver ROI on the volumes of storage software and hardware).

You can now fully utilize artificial intelligence technologies to solve any financial services data challenge faster, more accurately, and at a fraction of the price.

BinahNOW clearly defines standard financial services business use cases, such as credit risk, and builds the complete data analysis stream out of the box. Simply plug in your data, and get the answers you seek.

Instantly get insights into

  • Capital markets
    • Currency fixed rate prediction (minutes ahead) for major currencies
    • Currency rate, 10-second market trend prediction
    • Anomalies in transactions in real time, verifying that every transaction fits normal behavior with zero threshold and other configurations
    • Forecasting trends in financial and real markets
    • Presenting estimated exposure, liquidity, collateral, and income-loss from exposure per financial institution/customer/trader over time
  • Consumer credit risk
    • New loans – based on multiple data resources in the organization
    • Existing loans – evaluating the risk of every loan- or credit-basis for different markets
  • Fraud
    • Money laundering – detect suspicions transactions in real time
  • Customer Retention
    • Customer churn predictions