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Most of us have no idea how many smart sensors and chips our cars already have.

All new vehicles come equipped with a host of smart sensors, embedded connectivity applications, and big data-enhanced geo-analytical capabilities. As we see more connected vehicles, the volume of data our vehicles will be creating and need to use for simple operations will increase exponentially.

By 2020, industry analysts estimate that 98% of cars will be connected to the Internet.

No matter the automotive industry challenge, the approach, combining the power of signal processing and AI, delivers the actionable information you need to make wise business decisions.’s technology accelerates decision-making in the automotive environment to

  • Better ensure the safety and security of passengers and their vehicles
  • Anticipate maintenance problems before they occur
  • Ensure back-up systems are in place for GPS failures
  • Accelerate decision-making by smart sensors

BinahNOW comes with automotive use cases ready out of the box, including

  • Dead reckoning
  • Driver modeling
  • Engine behavior anomaly detection
  • Maintenance predictions
  • Passenger vitality monitoring