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General Purpose AI

Your business runs on data. Transform that data directly into the bottom line by eliminating speculation and intuition from decision making.

Get actionable, accurate data-based, answers to critical business questions using Binah’s automated, Augmented Data-science Engine.

By solving multiple challenges across industries – financial services, healthcare, automotive, marketing, etc. –Binah’s solution evolves with time and points to the connections among different solutions across multiple vectors.

For example, a marketing prediction solution for online optimization of commercial activities to increase conversion almost completely correlates with financial liquidity predictions from a mathematical point of view.

These kinds of correlations will increase with time, as we solve more and more use cases and generalize the secret sauce of each use case.

The end result will be a general AI system that can address any business challenge in any industry.

This kind of experience and execution allows you and Binah to:

  • Ensure 10x faster time to market and delivery cycle with 90% reduced time and cost
  • Use actionable intelligence to drive better decisions
  • Solve almost any challenge without spending millions on custom-created, in-house research and massive hiring
  • Give your understaffed data teams access to augmented analytics, allowing them to do more with less
  • Enable strategic and line managers to harness the power of AI and machine learning to solve business challenges without the hassle of building an AI team

Use BinahNOW’s out-of-the-box offerings for

  • Sales prediction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer churn
  • Credit risk
  • Inventory management
  • Credit prediction
  • Capital markets

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