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Sensor Data

Maximize the value of the sensor data your devices are collecting with actionable and profitable insights using Binah’s cutting-edge signal processing and data science technology.

Smartwatches, Smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, Wearable Medical devices and many others are attached to us and generate masses of logs and events. offers vendors and solution providers an easy and approachable way generating a unique added value for their customers or their research .

In a matter of days can provide you a working solution identifying anomalies and making predictions.

Wearable devices are generating a staggering amount of data at the edge or the area where the endpoints operate.

Detailed GPS logs, heart rate, VVTi, HRV and motion monitors are great for tracking health and many other activities.

Using Binah’s unique advanced signal processing and AI platform, wearable devices companies can analyze the data fast and accurately:

  • Predict health activity
  • Get anomaly events alert
  • Grouping and clustering based on activity and health status
  • Signal processing for vital signs
  • Signal processing for health activity