BinahNOW delivers fast, actionable answers to highly specific, industry-focused business questions requiring comprehensive data analytics. solutions squeeze significant ROI out of existing assets – your data – without any hassles or spending anything on custom-created, in-house research and massive hiring. democratizes data science across the entire organization with its accessible, stable, and highly accurate Augmented Data-science Engine.

The comprehensive Augmented Data-science Engine was designed for pure simplicity of use, infrastructure, and implementation.

BinahNOW translates complex data science into simple, actionable results. The system comes with ready-to-use use cases, quickly delivering the answers to your industry’s critical questions, eliminating speculation and intuition from decision making.

With BinahNOW, you get a 10x faster time to market and delivery cycle with 90% reduced time and cost.

For your business and sector, you can choose the most relevant prepared use cases, or request a new use case to be added according to your own needs and definitions.

  • Simple business application of complex data science engine out of the box
  • Augmented analytics solution for financial organizations and automotive
  • Delivers immediate connectivity to your existing data
  • Automated data preparation, pre-processing and modeling
  • Deliverables easy to integrate with production
  • Ensures delivery of critical insights no matter the size of the original data set