Excellence Center

Accelerate your journey from question to actionable business response with on-call data science experts.’s Excellence Center provides you with the ability to leverage your existing information to create actionable insights that will drive your business forward.

The Binah team delivers the facility, talent, drive, and technology to bring your AI initiatives from concept to implementation without any additional investment in infrastructure or human resources.

Their expertise goes deep and wide. They have a strong strategic focus on solving your organizations business challenges as well as the technical knowledge required to best maximize data science, machine and deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

Your dedicated team of on-demand data scientists and researchers primarily focus on your strategic priorities. They assist you with defining and optimizing your business challenges, creating the framework to deliver focused responses in real time.

Before any data science activities begin, they perform an in-depth review of your business to determine the critical challenges their results must address. Their process includes meeting with key stakeholders to better grasp the day-to-day operational details that need to be addressed within the strategic framework.

The end results are focused on your success. They not only maximize the value of your existing data but also provide you a long-term solution that can deliver ongoing analysis and use cases for each new business challenge.

  • Get solutions 10x faster than the average
  • Strong customer focus guides you from initial query to long-term insights
  • Our team takes ownership of all aspects of your data science challenges
  • Delivers a top-notch production-level solution according to your specific requirements (OS, CPU, hardware, etc.)
  • Serves as local R&D for unique solutions