The answers you need are hidden in your data. Binah helps you extract them quickly and profitably.

Solve almost any business and research challenge without spending millions on custom-created, in-house research and massive hiring using Binah’s team, experience, and proprietary data science framework

Binah’s team has 100+ years of experience in Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Economics. In addition, our team of software superheroes can develop and embed any solution over any architecture, in real-time. As a symbiotically connected group, we always tackle challenges together, usually generating a new approach to problem solving.

Some of your challenges stress the limits of the possible as delivered by traditional

technologies. When it comes to accuracy, stability or persistence, we can bring you to the next level. Binah shines when you can compare our results to a strong baseline.

We’ve tackled challenges in financial services, automotive, healthcare, marketing, and other industries. We’re more than open to expanding our research and applying our knowledge to any industry – and we can do it quickly.

The project-based activity combines data analysis tools and algorithms with long-proven signal processing technologies to deliver actionable answers, solving most common data science challenges, like anomalies, classifications, and predictions.

  • Custom solution addresses your specific business and research requirements
  • Allows any business team to leverage the power of data science, no matter their skill or experience level
  • Design and create a POC in a very short time frame
  • Deal with the most complex sensor data and any combination of data from hundreds or thousands of sensors.
  • Shortens project cycle time and speeds implementation
  • End-to-end solution from data acquisition, data preparation, pre-processing, and modeling all the way to production delivery
  • Can be extended to support any use case in almost any industry