AI Your Future Today

Surprise! It’s an AI Boy!

Biotech companies are already able to analyze not only our individual genomes, but also do like-by-like comparisons across hundreds of thousands of genomes, allowing scientists to more quickly identify the genes that cause cancer, autism, and more.

Simultaneously, 3D printing is advancing, especially regarding the materials it can use. Plastic and metal have been in use for quite some time – and are being used to create custom prosthetics at a much lower cost than previously available. Custom “body parts” are already being created using dissolvable medical materials, allowing the body’s cells to slowly replace the printed frame. Experiments with stem cells and plasma are being used to produce organs and skin. 3D pharma, where custom pills can be created for each person, is also not too far off.

The common thread through all of this is AI and deep and machine learning, which drive both efficiency and speed. The feedback loops of analysis, measurement, and production will get tighter and tighter. At a not-so-distant point, analysis of a simple physical or chemical body scan will allow production of completely customized parts and pills.

As we learn more and more about how our brains work – the physical structures and the chemical and electrical interactions – we’ll be able to improve the way AI processes occur as well. More advanced AI will be able to streamline processes, accelerate analysis, and start anticipating our every need by mimicking our thought processes.

Some semblance of AI is already being used by Amazon for selling us the items that it thinks we need or would be interested in. Many of us are already using food shopping apps. Once we give permission to tie this into our credit card, the lists generate automatically, based on our usage patterns – e.g. milk every time we’re at the store, toilet paper every third trip, and candy two weeks before Halloween. Soon, we won’t even have to go to the store – AI will tell the robot pickers exactly what we need, a list will be generated for our approval, and another robot will deliver it to us.

That’s just for our standard consumer goods. Now – combine the medical advances of 3D printing with shopping personalization and every other aspect of personalization that AI will be able to deliver….

That next delivery might be from the virtual stork – congrats on the birth of your AI Boy!