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Mental Stress Measurement

Provide clear stress-level biofeedback using a simple camera to encourage more adaptive coping styles
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Healthcare Results
Unparalleled accuracy
Uses a simple camera
Off-the-shelf solution

Real-time Insights into Client's Wellbeing

Insurance companies and healthcare providers can improve clients’ long-term health outlooks to increase ROI

Standard Solutions

Require a Dedicated Wearable Device

Insufficient accuracy

Requires direct skin contact

Expensive to implement

Don't correlate with other use cases

Binah.NOW Mental Stress Measurement

Unique Approach to Stress Analysis

Requires no skin contact

Uses standard mobile and computer cameras

Delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy for a non-medical device

Compensates for motion/ light influences


Mental Stress Measurement using Heart Rate Variability

Stress is a Major Issue

In today’s busy life, many situations can cause mental stress: work related, relationship problems, or traumatic memories. Whatever the cause, people experience some level of stress daily.

While some stress is normal – and can even be a good thing in specific situations, chronic, overwhelming stress can have a negative impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Binah.ai's Stress Measurement

Binah.ai’s new approach to mental stress level detection is based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is extracted from a live video feed. Users can measure stress on a daily basis without needing any additional devices or wearables; all they need is a smartphone to get an accurate stress measurement.

The foundation of the technology is based on several medical papers that validated the correlation between HRV and stress measurement.

Binah.ai’s stress measurement technology is available as an SDK supporting most common operating systems and processing architectures, including all smartphones. It’s also available as a demo app for Android.   


Increase Individual’s Health with Stress Biofeedback

Leverage heart rate variability analysis to deliver accurate biofeedback that correlates with other healthcare use cases

Personalize Heart Rate Variability Tracking Application Results

Binah.NOW – Plug-and-play

for Healthcare AI and Augmented Analytics

Use Cases

Seamless Integration
Multiple APIs

Model Validation

Unparalleled Accuracy
and Results

10x Faster Time
to Market

Signal Processing
and Proprietary Back-end Framework

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