Enhancing Telehealth with Binah.ai's Wellness Monitoring Solutions

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There is no question that telehealth and digital healthcare solutions will witness a huge growth in adoption over the coming years. Long envisioned, telehealth has been catapulted into reality by the current Covid-19 pandemic. It will increasingly allow medical services to reach out to larger populations and will gradually close the healthcare inequity gap.

But telehealth should not be only about a momentary, online physician-patient encounter for the purpose of treating a current health issue. As healthcare expands into preventive care and moves partially out of the hospital, so will telehealth.  

Adding real-time, remote wellness monitoring capabilities to telehealth services to collect vital health  data, can drastically: 

  • Improve preventive care and treatment 
  • Reduce hospital readmission rates 
  • Offer predictive, real-time health data for improved decision-making
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Empower patients with a tool for staying on top of their own wellbeing 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of wellness monitoring in disease prevention and treatment - for both patients and healthcare services 
  • The reality of remote wellness monitoring in telehealth today 
  • More about Binah.ai's wellness monitoring for telehealth - including a demo 
  • Use cases for wellness monitoring in telehealth 



Always Accessible

Just by looking at the smartphone camera

Supported by most smartphones, tablets and laptops

No Wearables Needed

For All

No need to purchase any extra wearables

Supports any age, genders and skin color

Easy to Integrate

Cost Saving 

Available as SDK or end-to-end application platform

Monitor wellness from remote at a fraction of the cost

Unique Mix of AI & Signal Processing



Blood Pressure

(coming soon)



Mental Stress Level



Heart Rate Variability



Co-founder and CEO of Binah.ai

David spearheads the team in fulfilling Binah.ai’s vision and mission. A seasoned speaker and international industry leader, David is a serial entrepreneur who has taken numerous start-ups from vision to international success: Hexatier (acquired by Huawei), Precos, Vanadium-soft, GreenCloud, Teridion and others. Binah.ai is his 13th start-up where David sets the strategy and manages the execution of the company's mission to enable healthcare services to anyone, anywhere.

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