AI Your Future Today

Why All the Hype?

Every day another story comes out about the rapid spread of AI across industries. AI has already proven to be a major disruptive force, and it’s only the beginning.

As the saying goes, “Ceaseless change is the changeless state.” The motorcar industry put the buggy whip manufacturers out of business. The Internet and social media have challenged traditional news media to completely overhaul their business model. And so it goes.

What can we expect with AI?

AI is going to transform everything we do – and create completely new industries in the process.

Smart appliances are going to drive the creation of “smart meals” – new frozen foods packaged in such a way that each meat, vegetable and starch are going to be heated to the ideal temperature.

Our smart monitoring systems will be able to notify our physicians immediately when a vital parameter has changed, allowing them to direct us to use one of the home medical tests – another new industry – to check our state of health.

Smart vehicles will be able to determine the most efficient route and when maintenance – scheduled or unscheduled – is required.

Schools will be using AI to determine each child’s learning style and to tailor individual educational programs to match those abilities and needs to ensure specific requirements are met.

AI will directly affect the level of secondary and university education these students will be exposed to, based on the future potential career paths available. Entire career paths can be based on using AI from the very beginning, as matches based on aptitudes, interests, and personality factors are formulated.

On the job, as we’re already seeing, they’ll be using AI to deliver actionable intelligence, which they’ll be implementing, allowing their enterprises to streamline operations and increase profits.

Yes, AI is going to transform our world – and, frankly, it’s fun to be at the forefront of this, playing with and using this remarkable tool to create the future.