Enables CareOS
to Make Daily Wellness
Monitoring Effortless

Wellness Enables CareOS Smart Mirrors to Measure Health Data and Make Daily Measurements Effortless for Customers

On a mission to leverage the best technology has to offer to help people live longer and healthier lives, CareOS, a subsidiary of the Baracoda Group, sought to develop a smart mirror that would bring wellness to what, for most people, is the first point of care daily. In their vision, the smart mirror would be one that could measure a person’s health data while simultaneously giving them personalized tips and suggestions to promote healthy habits.

To bring this vision to life, CareOS needed software that would make it possible for the mirrors to measure health quickly, reliably, and contactlessly, and would protect the privacy of its users.

Finding the right partner in, CareOS has now integrated the Binah SDK into its Artemis large mirror and is integrating it into Themis, its small size accessible mirror, set to launch in 2023. Enables CareOS Smart Mirrors to Measure Health Data and Make Daily Measurements Effortless for Customers 0
(CareOS Themis, small smart mirror)

CareOS mirrors now helps consumers develop healthier habits daily. While their physiological measurements are measured by’s technology, users are quizzed on health habits. Users can then access measurement history and evolution graphs, while all data remains confidential and is stored on the device.

CareOS customers are being guided towards healthier routines through smart mirrors, made possible by:

Utmost dedication to the privacy of its users– In choosing, CareOS made the choice to protect the privacy of its users by enabling them to store all measurements on the mirror.

User-friendly, contactless technology- Using’s technology, CareOS was able to make health monitoring effortless for its customers. CareOS customers can simply tap a button on the mirror, and within 60 seconds, see their health measurements along with a healthier reflection.

Fast and seamless integration-  CareOS received 24/7 human support along with a reference application and detailed manual, making for a fast and easy integration process. 

Interested in adding health monitoring capabilities to your smart device? Schedule a meeting now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our SDK.

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