Vital Signs Monitoring in Elderly Patients, During and Post COVID-19

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Vital signs monitoring in elderly patients is a critical part of their on-going health assessment, whether from home, in care homes, clinics or hospitals. However, medical assistance is not always available in a timely manner, and is often not as accessible for senior patients as is necessary. There is also a shortage of medical personnel who are present, trained and able to monitor and manage the well-being of senior citizens. Monitoring their wellbeing has become even more important during COVID-19, when they are more likely to spend time alone, increasing loneliness and mental stress levels.  When vital signs monitoring is so critical for this important part of society, how can medical systems bridge the gap? Intelligent and effective monitoring solutions should be able to facilitate elderly patients in staying on top of their health and wellbeing, in any situation, whether that's at home as part of day to day life, during lockdown, or in any form of care.'s technology offers the ability to monitor, in real-time, vital signs such as heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate and mental stress – directly from a person's smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Its immense benefits go well beyond the ability of remotely monitoring patients. With's app, you can:

  • Better predict and prevent health deterioration
  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in care homes by protecting residents and staff 
  • Offer patients an extremely easy-to-use tool for monitoring vital signs, accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Save on operational costs
  • Free up valuable doctor-patient online meeting time
  • Monitor vital signs by patient history and broader trends
  • Automatically input patient vital signs into their EHRs
  • Provide diagnosis and treatment at an early stage, recommend lifestyle changes for health improvement and maintenance

Watch our webinar to view a demo of's app, and learn about:

  • The status of vital signs and general health monitoring of elderly patients in care homes, hospitals, or homes
  • Physiological and logistical challenges for vital signs monitoring in senior citizens
  •'s solutions for vital signs monitoring during and post Covid-19
  • How measurements are extracted, and how the solution is delivered and implemented.





Heart Rate


Mental Stress Level



Blood Pressure*

*coming soon



David spearheads the team in fulfilling’s vision and mission. A seasoned speaker and international industry leader, David is a serial entrepreneur who has taken numerous start-ups from vision to international success: Hexatier (acquired by Huawei), Precos, Vanadium-soft, GreenCloud, Teridion and others. is his 13th start-up where David sets the strategy and manages the execution of the company's mission to enable healthcare services to anyone, anywhere.

Benefits of Using Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring

Always Accessible

Supported by most smartphones, tablets and laptops

Extremely easy-to-use

No Wearables Needed

Detects vital signs just by looking at a smartphone's camera

No need to purchase any extra wearables 

For All

Supports any age, gender

and skin color

Easy to Integrate

Always Available

App runs locally on device and 

does not require an internet connection app is delivered as an SDK or end-to-end white label app platform

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