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Our AI Does the Heavy Lifting

Focus on Results

Binah.NOW captures the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists and researchers to deliver a comprehensive solution to critical business challenges that are seamless to the end user. Binah.NOW uses machine and deep learning, signal processing, and machine vision to enable users to just ask questions and get actionable answers.



File Types

Supporting multiple file formats including structured (DBs, CSV, Excel) and unstructured.

Images & Videos

Supporting a variety of formats of images and videos in multiple compressions and structures with automated validation and extraction.

Live Stream

Ready-to-use interfaces support most common financial and other live feed sources.

Structured and Unstructsured

Out-of-the-box support for structured and most common unstructured files with optimized flat file parsers.



Data Validation

Automated, dynamic rule-based guarantee of data consistency in structured and unstructured data feed.

Signal Processing & De-noising

Signal extraction and generation, noise reduction from many signal types, out-of-the-box signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) optimization.


Automated multiple normalization mechanisms supporting multiple types of data sets and domains.

Feature Engineering

Optimized best-of-breed domain knowledge research that selects and extracts the most influencing features per AI application.




Decades of experience in selecting the most appropriate model for each problem.


Automated hyper-parameter optimization for optimal results.


Multiple architectures support high volume data sets.


Process validation, with binah's explainable AI solution.


Self-testing process with back-testing accuracy over time.




Binah's AI applications are based on binah's real-time framework, which was developed to support solutions over multiple processing architectures.


Supporting most common cloud service providers, including cross-cloud solutions to deliver never-ending scalability, growth, and maintained business continuity for each AI application.

Model Retraining

Each AI application is autonomous by design and built with advanced self-retraining capabilities. delivering ongoing accuracy and stability validation.


A New Paradigm for Data Science

Binah.NOW uses a revolutionary approach to augmented data analytics and data manipulation: a virtual data science platform combining signal processing and machine learning that accelerates the path from data to insights, coupled with a proprietary, comprehensive AI, deep-learning framework that delivers best-in-class results in terms of accuracy, performance, and stability.

Increases Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
Creates Clean Data
Analyzes Data Sets of Any Size
Eliminates Outliers
Streamlines Data Volume
Delivers a Better Overall Data Set


Transforming Data into Waves

Signal processing streamlines data input using centuries of proven mathematical manipulations. At its most basic level, signal processing converts numerical data sets into “waves,” allowing the data to be analyzed as a flow.

Signal Processing Enhancement and Analysis

Outliers and unnecessary components are eliminated using signal processing, creating a cleaner, better data set. De-noising the data leaves only good data to be modeled and analyzed, raising the accuracy of analysis.

Translate and Prepare Results

Signal processing streamlines data volume and prepares the data for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Accelerating the speed of data processing, it significantly reduces false positives, delivering actionable results at between 80-99% accuracy, based on the data set and use case.

Leverage Binah's Expertise

Out-of-the-box Enterprise Data Science

The simple plug-and-play data science engine enables enterprises to solve almost any challenge without spending millions on custom-created, in-house research and massive hiring.

Actionable Results

Binah.NOW delivers the business insights you need to maximize profits, quickly, efficiently, at the highest levels of accuracy, stability, and performance with a few simple steps and some data, whether yours or ours.

Ready-to-use Use Cases

With Binah.NOW, you can quickly, seamlessly benefit from the latest data science technologies. Simply select the appropriate use cases to solve your specific business challenges, getting the answers you seek.

Rapid Deployment

Binah.NOW requires no corporate infrastructure to derive its answers. Deployment is simply integrating the results with your operational business systems that will be performing execution.

Automatic End-to-end Solution

Start now. Define your business challenge, then choose the most applicable use case. Select the parameters and data set, and we’ll deliver the answers any way you prefer – text, email, API, etc.

Easy Integration

Flexible Delivery

Runs On Cloud or On-premise

Binah.NOW’s modus operandi is flexibility. We create the use cases that will most quickly drive your bottom line. You determine where you’ll be using the system, and the results will be deployed.

Receives Multiple Data Sources

Binah.NOW’s out-of-the-box use cases leverage publicly available information to deliver rapid, accurate results that will allow you to use the latest in data science to increase ROI.

Full API for Seamless Integration

Many of the results from Binah.NOW can maximize the value of automated systems – trading, loan applications, healthcare analytics. Therefore, Binah.NOW results can be delivered via API directly into your solutions.

Run Multiple Simulations for Optimal Results

Binah.NOW requires no infrastructure investment, which means you can experiment across use cases and data sets to test which permutations and combinations give you the most effective results for your organization.

Business Oriented

Built for Enterprises

99.99% Availability

Binah.NOW is hosted across multiple cloud providers, ensuring the completely redundant systems are continuously operational. On-premise delivery is also available.

Best-in-class AI Maintenance

Binah’s dedicated AI experts ensure the models are up-to-date and produce the best results constantly.

Customized for Your Needs

For specific challenges, get in touch with our Excellence Center for quick, efficient, and affordable custom solutions.

Enterprise-grade Security and Data Protection

Built-in security protects your data from threats. Binah uses your data for delivering results and then deletes it.