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Press Releases Announces Video-based Blood Test Ability Using a Smartphone Camera Announces Video-based Blood Test Ability Using a Smartphone Camera SDK is now able to measure hemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C

Read more > Receives ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Scope of Certification: Design and Development of noninvasive physiological signs (vital signs) measurement software

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13 ways smartphones are revolutionizing healthcare’s video-based solution provides medical-grade vital signs measurements — heart rate, heart rate variability, mental stress level, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and more — within 2 minutes via a video of the patient’s upper cheek taken with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Read more > Announces Appointment of Dina Segro as Chief Revenue Officer

Segro will manage the global sales activities, enhancing Binah’s long-term strategy to fulfill determined company revenue growth goals

Read more > Receives Future Digital Award for Best Biometric Innovation in Healthcare

Juniper Research recognizes for a second time for its innovation in healthcare and wellness

Read more > continues to bolster the future of insurance through its recent win as a top company selected by Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) selected from 2,600 applicants that submitted to the Zurich Innovation Championship as one of 12 start-ups to work with on the future of insurance

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Zurich Picks as one of the 12 startups to work with on future of insurance

Read more > and Datos Health Transform Digital Healthcare by Merging Remote Care Automation and Video-based Vital Measurements’s technology allows for providers to break away from the challenges of device distribution through Datos Health’s automated assisted self-care platform

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Can Help Close The Looming Gap In Health Equity

AI-powered, video-based, software-only solutions such as allow patients to access real-time health data simply by looking into the camera of their smart device.

Read more > Announces Support for React Native and Flutter for Cross-platform Application Development SDK now offers improved application programming interface (API) integration with both React Native and Flutter

Read more > and CareOS Partner to Bring Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring to Homes via Smart Mirrors

Individuals can now add vital signs monitoring to their wellness routines to gain a deeper understanding of their overall health, track progress and help improve long-term well-being

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Need to Check Your Blood Pressure? There’s an App For That, a global provider for video-based health and wellness monitoring solutions, has developed a new way to help people monitor their blood pressure at home using only smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

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Can a Smartphone Camera Help Track Blood Pressure?, a web-based health platform, says its app can check someone’s blood pressure simply by focusing a smartphone camera at the person’s face.

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bloeddruk meten via de smartphone camera: fabel of feit?

Deze week kondigde aan dat het de bloeddruk kan meten via een app en de camera van iemands smartphone of laptop. De gebruiker hoeft slechts een minuut een video-opname te maken van het gezicht. 

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Insurtech Israel News Present: The Top Insurtechs For 2022’s software-only, video-based Health Data platform is the next stage in the evolution of health and wellness monitoring.

Read more > Launches Contactless Blood Pressure Monitoring System

The video-based monitoring tool uses artificial intelligence to monitor heart-rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration charge, and many more.

Read more > rolls out new contactless blood-pressure-monitoring system

Users can tap into the system to measure their blood pressure, heart rate, heart variability rate and more.

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Turning the Smartphone Camera into a Blood Pressure Monitor

Sit still, smile and shoot – smile optional. That’s essentially all health insurance members, patients and customers of other businesses using a newly expanded technology by will need to do to get a blood pressure reading.

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Binah’s software tool allows smartphones to monitor blood pressure without any extra hardware is using the smartphone camera for contactless, video-based blood pressure measurement, which the company says is a first-of-its kind technology, thereby enabling remote patient monitoring.

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App claims to track blood pressure through a smartphone camera

Health platform announced this week that it added blood pressure monitoring to the suite of health tools available on its app, which is available through partnered businesses.

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CES 2022 lists this year’s most innovative gadgets’s health data platform is an AI-powered, video-based software solution that transforms smartphones, tablets or laptops into blood pressure monitoring tools

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