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Can a Smartphone Camera Help Track Blood Pressure?, a web-based health platform, says its app can check someone’s blood pressure simply by focusing a smartphone camera at the person’s face.

Read more > Launches Contactless Blood Pressure Monitoring System

The video-based monitoring tool uses artificial intelligence to monitor heart-rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration charge, and many more.

Read more > rolls out new contactless blood-pressure-monitoring system

Users can tap into the system to measure their blood pressure, heart rate, heart variability rate and more.

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Turning the Smartphone Camera into a Blood Pressure Monitor

Sit still, smile and shoot – smile optional. That’s essentially all health insurance members, patients and customers of other businesses using a newly expanded technology by will need to do to get a blood pressure reading.

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Binah’s software tool allows smartphones to monitor blood pressure without any extra hardware is using the smartphone camera for contactless, video-based blood pressure measurement, which the company says is a first-of-its kind technology, thereby enabling remote patient monitoring.

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App claims to track blood pressure through a smartphone camera

Health platform announced this week that it added blood pressure monitoring to the suite of health tools available on its app, which is available through partnered businesses.

Read more >’s Newest Video-based Blood Pressure Monitoring Capability Named CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

The new feature was recognized for its outstanding innovation in the health and wellness category, and is currently debuting at CES 2022

Read more > Unveils Video-Based, Contactless Blood Pressure Measurements Available via Camera of Smartphone or Laptop

Organizations can now provide end-users with a solution allowing them to extract blood pressure measurement, in addition to nearly 10 other vitals, just by looking at a device’s camera

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David Maman – – Universally Accessible Health and Wellness Services for Everyone, Anywhere

“I would define resilience as continuous adaptation to the current circumstances and flexibility.” David Maman

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Healthcare has evolved with the adoption of AI, and so should our ethical playbook

The World Health Organization (WHO) is already prompting leaders to consider ethical responsibilities and dilemmas of integrating AI more heavily into care, posing questions around maintaining human autonomy, ensuring transparency, and establishing inclusiveness and equity.

Read more > Welcomes Digital Health Leader Mark H. Goldstein as Chairman of its Advisory Board and Investor

Goldstein has been growing health and wellness organizations for decades TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 22, 2021–, the leading

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‘Selfie Videos’ Gauge Vital Signs in Latest Move to Faster Underwriting

An Israeli startup wants to use selfie videos to help underwrite life insurance applicants.

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Remote vital sign monitoring is a must-have for frontline healthcare workers

Solutions such as remote patient monitoring provides patients, caregivers, and home health aides alike, the ability to record critical information such as a patient’s vital signs, physical and mental state, eating patterns, and medication adherence.

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Israeli company can check heart rate with smartphone camera can capture vital signs through the camera of a smartphone, tablet or laptop in under a minute.

Read more > Extends Support of Video-based Health Data Monitoring to Mobile Browsers

 The company’s software development kit (SDK) now supports mobile browsers, allowing the remote monitoring of end user-provided health data with no download or app required

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The end of pulling a sickie? New AI tool could allow businesses to see if employees are REALLY ill by remotely checking their vital signs on a smartphone

Once installed, an employee, student or any other team member just has to look at their device’s camera for the AI to determine vital signs like heart rate, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate in a couple of minutes.

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Israeli startup lets users check vital signs by looking at their smartphones turns mobile devices, laptops into medical monitoring tools that can measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress levels

Read more > Provides Heart Rate Variability R-R Interval (RRi) Raw Data Using Its Video-Based Vital Signs Monitoring Solution

Enables the healthcare and wellness industries to collect HRV R-R interval data remotely via a smartphone or laptop camera for any custom purpose application

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Vital Signs Monitor on a Smartphone Camera? Makes It Possible can facilitate triage using a video app based on SDK, a remote patient’s condition can be diagnosed accurately, and can serve as a recommended tool for emergency response teams.

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How Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Can Help Alleviate Pandemic-Related Burnout Among Health Care Workers

Remote vital signs monitoring can help prevent burnout by empowering health care providers to make better, faster decisions and to provide more timely treatment, while helping patients stay on top of their symptoms and allowing medical facilities to cut costs, improve care and optimize the safety of their environments.  

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Israeli tech lets users check their vital signs by selfie

The company’s technology can measure a person’s heart rate, heart rate variability, mental stress level, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and more just by analyzing a person’s face.

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