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Blood Pressure
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Heart rate / Pulse rate
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Heart Rate Variability
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Respiration Rate
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Which vital signs can be measured by’s technology? measures blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ).

How is the performance of’s vital signs evaluated?

We compare each of’s vital signs results to the measurements of a reference device to ensure that’s measurements are accurate and reliable.

Does’s contactless vital signs measurement work on all skin tones?

Yes,’s contactless vital signs measurement technology works on all skin tones classified by the Fiztpatrick scale. Click here for more details.

What are the optimal conditions for contactless and contact-based vital signs measurements?

Please see our best practices guide for how to take a contactless (rPPG) and contact-based (PPG) measurement here.

Which platforms and devices is Binah SDK supported by?

Binah SDK runs on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows laptops and desktops, Google Chrome and Safari. Talk to us now to learn more.

Does Binah SDK save images or videos of users?

Binah SDK does not save images or videos, and does not have access to the measured health data.

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