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Binah.ai is proud to be at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare, putting real-time health and wellness monitoring in the palms of people everywhere. Join our network of industry-leading partners empowering millions of end users worldwide to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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Polar Electro


Polar Electro is the world leader in personal guidance for fitness, sport, and health.

Healthcare Insurance Wellness
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Endava is a NYSE listed technology services organization used by some of the world’s largest companies to define, design, build

Healthcare Insurance Wellness
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Sapiens powers insurers to transform in speed and agility, enabling them to thrive through the transformational changes of our time.

Insurance Underwriting Claims Wellness
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HAS Companies


An American company with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in assistance and travel insurance. In addition, we provide

Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth Insurance Travel
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Datos Health


An automated solution for hybrid care delivery to reduce cost and clinician workload.

Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth Insurance
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The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to empower organizations and drive

Healthcare Telehealth
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What is Binah.ai’s solution?

Binah.ai offers businesses a software-only, video-based Health Data Platform that transforms smartphones, tablets and laptops into health monitoring tools.

How does Binah.ai’s contactless blood pressure monitoring technology work?

Binah.ai’s contactless blood pressure monitoring technology extracts blood pressure using an optical technique called remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), which analyzes light that reflects off exposed skin on a human face. The technology uses advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing.

How does Binah.ai’s contactless health monitoring technology work?

Just by looking at the camera of a personal electronic device, like a smartphone, tablet or PC, end-users can extract a broad range of health parameters in under one minute. Our video-based technology makes health data available through just a click or tap, without the need to strap on or attach any devices.

How does Binah.ai extract health parameters?

Binah.ai’s technology applies a unique mix of signal processing and AI technologies, combined with a proprietary mathematical back-end to analyze a signal taken from exposed skin on the surface of a human face. It applies motion compensation and illumination normalization and supports any gender and skin color. The health parameters extraction is based on a remote photoplethysmography rPPG or PPG signal (using the touch of a finger on the smartphone or tablet’s rear camera for challenging environmental conditions like complete darkness).

Binah.ai’s sympathetic stress level measurement is based on the internationally approved Baevsky Stress Index as well as additional parameters. The technology does not require the analysis of any identifiable personal feature (e.g., eyes).

How can we partner with Binah.ai?

To discuss a partnership with Binah.ai, please write to us at info@binah.ai.

Which industries can benefit from Binah.ai’s solution?

Binah.ai’s solution caters to a wide range of industries including, insurance, healthcare, wellness, pharma, automobile, retail, and much more.

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