’s Health Data Platform is delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK) developed for a wide range of devices and operating systems. Easily integrate our technology into your own app or web application to enhance your business offering with accelerated time to value.

Power Your
Business Offering with
Our Easy-to-Integrate SDK

Power Your<br> Business Offering with<br> Our Easy-to-Integrate SDK

Supported Devices


Web Application Support

Binah SDK now supports web applications. Just send end-users a link and they can measure their health status straight from Safari or Google Chrome. No app needed.

iOS Support

Delivered in the form of a library designed as a standard iOS framework, the Binah iOS SDK supports iOS 14 and above and is compatible with the App Store.

Android Support

Delivered in the form of a library designed as a standard Android framework, the Binah Android SDK supports Android version 8.1(Oreo) and above and is compatible with Google Play.

Windows Support

Windows laptops and desktops users can benefit from Binah SDK’s capabilities just by using their device’s embedded or connected camera.

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Our SDK Works for You
No internet connection needed
The entire process runs on the end-user's device, making it accessible for anyone, anywhere, no matter the availability and reliability of the connectivity services.
No concern over privacy or data regulation
Each user may opt to keep all data on their device. Binah SDK does not save, collect nor share any end-user personal identifiers.
Support for spot and continuous vital signs checks
Enable contactless spot checks through smartphone cameras or continuous checks through PPG sensors.
Get vital signs measurement in seconds
Heart rate reported at ~10 seconds, followed by blood pressure, respiration rate, and mental stress in 35-60 seconds.
Mobile and desktop operating system support
Fully compatible with the App store, supporting iOS (iPhone 8 and above) and Google Play, supporting Android (9.0 and above). Also available for Windows 10 machines.
Mobile and desktop operating system support
No demographic dependencies needed
Binah SDK analyzes a video stream of an individual's facial skin. Requiring no demographic information, the technology works perfectly on all sexes and skin tones.
Varied offering for every need
Easily integrate Binah SDK or offer your clients or employees our ready-to-use Binah Check app. No integration needed.
Multiple pricing models for different use cases
Achieve cost-effective solutions that fit your business needs at scale, with no additional cloud services, hardware or software required.
Easy integration and 24/7 human support
Many of our customers have already managed to integrate Binah SDK on their own, in a matter of days. Still, our Customer Success Team is here to support you every step of the way.

Integrate the Binah SDK to Measure Vital Signs Anytime, Anywhere’s Health Data Platform, delivered as Binah SDK (Software Development Kit), enables users to measure a wide range of health and wellness indicators using smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even smart mirrors.

Indicators include: blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data), oxygen saturation, breathing rate, parasympathetic activity, sympathetic stress, pulse respiratory quotient (PRQ), Binah Wellness Score, and Fall Detection.

Introducing groundbreaking bloodless blood tests! Measure hemoglobin and hemoglobin A1c using a smartphone or laptop camera. Additional blood tests coming soon.


Seamless Integration

All the tools you need for easy integration, including a sample application, available at our support center. Go to Support Center


Is Binah SDK easy to integrate?

Binah SDK is so easy to integrate that many of our customers completed the integration on their own within a matter of days. Our comprehensive support document library and customer success team are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns regarding the integration.

How does’s contactless blood pressure monitoring technology work?’s contactless blood pressure monitoring technology extracts blood pressure using an optical technique called remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), which analyzes light that reflects off exposed skin on a human face. The technology uses advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing.

Does’s health check technology require contact with the skin?’s r-PPG-based spot check technolgoy enables 60-second health and wellness checks using the camera of a mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and smart mirrors and does not require contact with the skin.’s continuous check technology, which is compatible with PPG-sensors like the Polar Verity Sense™ heart rate sensor, does require contact with skin.

Which devices does support?

Binah SDK is a software-based solution that runs on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows laptops and desktops. Binah SDK is also compatible with web applications for Google Chrome and Safari.’s Continuous checks are compatible with the Polar Verity Sense™ heart rate sensor. Talk to us now to learn more.

Does save images or videos of users?

No, does not save images or videos of users.

Does have access to the measured health data?

No, does not have access to the measured health data. The entire process is performed on the end-user’s device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc), and end-users may opt not to share their health data.

Does require internet connection to measure health parameters?

No,’s technology, when delivered as an SDK, does not require internet connection to perform the measurement. The entire process runs on the end-user’s device.

How does’s fall detection work?’s fall detection technology uses the gyroscope and accelerometer of a Polar Verity Sense™ optical heart rate sensor, worn by the user, to detect falls. In the event of a fall, the system can generate a timed notification prompting the user to respond. If unanswered, the system triggers two consecutive vital signs checks while an alert with the location of the event can be sent to designated contacts. These settings are customizable to your organization’s needs.

Ready to give it a try?

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