’s technology comes packed in a Software Development Kit (SDK) developed for a wide range of operating systems. Easily integrate our technology into your own app or infrastructure to enhance your business offering with accelerated time to value.

Power Your Business Offering with Our
Easy-to-Integrate SDK

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Power Your Business Offering with Our<br>Easy-to-Integrate SDK

Supported Devices


iOS Support

Delivered in the form of a library designed as a standard iOS framework, the Binah iOS SDK supports iOS 13 and above and is compatible with the App Store.

Android Support

Delivered in the form of a library designed as a standard Android framework, the Binah Android SDK supports Android version 8.1(Oreo) and above and is compatible with Google Play.

Windows Support

Windows laptops and desktops users can benefit from Binah SDK’s capabilities just by using their device’s embedded or connected camera.

Binah SDK for Windows allows organizations to offer end-users a solution they can conveniently access from a device type of their choice.

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Our SDK Works for You

Integrate the Binah SDK to Extract Vital Signs Anytime, Anywhere’s technology delivered as Binah SDK (Software Development Kit) enables users to extract a wide range of vital signs, including: heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and mental stress, with blood pressure coming soon, from a single device with a camera, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even a smart mirrors, without any additional hardware required.


Seamless Integration

All the tools you need for easy integration, including a sample application, available at our support center. Visit our Support Center

Do you prefer a ready to use application? Check out our Binah Team platform offering.

Looking to add vital signs monitoring capabilities to your services? Let us show you how fast and easy you can do it.