Healthcare and Wellness for Everyone, Everywhere

Extending Healthcare Services and Wellness to Everyone, Everywhere’s video-based monitoring solutions deliver on the promise of health and wellness services extended to everyone, everywhere, empowering businesses and users with a powerful tool, with high accessibility and ease-of-use. The vision is a world where access to end-user-provided health data is software-based, facilitating care and decisions, at lower costs.


Health and Wellness Monitoring Solutions

Always Accessible

Always Accessible

Works on all popular smartphones, tablets or laptops



For everyone, no need for wearables or sensors needed



Just by looking at the device's camera, no habits changes

For All

For All

Delivers vital signs measurements for any gender and skin color

Short time-to-market

Short time-to-market

Ready-to-use solutions and 24/7 human customer support for immediate integration and use



Delivered as an SDK, with support for a wide range of devices and operating systems

The Growing Need for Video-based Health and Wellness Monitoring

Empowering Industries and Users

Empowering Industries and Users

Whether for patient self-care, preventing the spread of epidemics, or reducing gaps and improving access to care in remote locations, video-based health and wellness monitoring will finally deliver on the promise for better healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

The Missing Link in Digital Healthcare

The Missing Link in Digital Healthcare

According to WHO, by 2030, the world will need 80 million doctors and nurses, but a shortfall of more than 18 million healthcare workers has been forecast. Who will fill in this gap? predicts a smarter, digitized future for healthcare.

Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Remote Wellbeing Monitoring

The use cases for real-time insights into health and wellbeing is growing bigger by the day. Not only digital healthcare, pharma, and insurance, but automotive, consumer electronics, mobile service providers, transportation, cosmetics, and even mining.

Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

‘Eat better, sleep longer, stay on top of your health.’ The guidelines come from all directions, family, friends, work, and government. With over 5 billion smartphone users worldwide, the potential for wellness monitoring is tremendous, and in everybody’s pocket.

Leadership experts have a combined 150+ years of development experience in big data, analytics, signal processing, machine and deep learning, corporate expertise, and technology, with more than 50% of the team holding PhDs. Meet the team that manages our amazing squad.

  • David Maman

    Co-founder, CEO, and CTO

    Guides the team in fulfilling’s vision. Master's in computer science, Open University. Serial entrepreneur – Hexatier (acquired by Huawei), Precos, Vanadium-soft, GreenCloud, Teridion, Terrasic, Re-Sec, and others. A director in Fortinet’s CTO office and manage info. security at Bezeq Israel telecom. 24 years of experience in leadership, AI, cybersecurity, development, and networking. A veteran of elite IDF technology unit.

  • Michael Markzon

    Co-founder and Chief Scientist

    Designs the underlying infrastructure of Master’s in applied mathematics, Bar-Ilan University. Before, Michael led deep learning research at PayPal. He was head of R&D at CyActive (acquired by PayPal). More than 14 years experience in developing innovative solutions in machine learning and signal/image processing.

  • Konstantin Gedalin, PhD

    Co-founder and Chief Research Officer

    Focuses on the building blocks of PhD in biological physics, Ben-Gurion University. An algorithm phenomenon, he was chief scientist of Scifold, developing algorithms for biometrics. Previously, he was development manager at Silentium, creator of Active Noise Control. More than 25 years experience researching and developing algorithms for wide spectrum of use cases.

  • Naveh Tov M.D. Ph.D.

    Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Tov worked in both academic and clinical positions at Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, from 1994 to 2016, specializing in internal, pulmonary and sleep medicine, where he served as the head of the pulmonary unit. In parallel, Dr. Tov consulted for several medical device and pharmaceutical companies. In 2016 he moved to a full position in Kamada (NASDAQ: KMDA) as VP of Clinical Development & Medical Director, and is therefore uniquely placed to understand medical research and development, the robust testing cycle, and bringing medical products to the masses. Dr. Tov is a member of the American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. from the Bruce Rapaport Faculty of Medicine at Technion in Israel.

  • Omer Levy

    Chief Financial Officer

    Omer is leading's financial and operational areas. He is a CPA and an Attorney, with over 12 years of global experience in finance, M&A and operations management. Omer previously served as CFO&COO at RadView Software, and worked at Ernst&Young, where he managed the accounts of private and public companies. Omer holds an MBA, Tel Aviv University and a B.A. (magna cum laude) in Business Administration and an LL.B. (magna cum laude) from The College of Management.

  • Shira Simis, PhD

    VP Regulatory and Quality

    Shira is leading all regulatory aspects as well as the establishment and implementation of quality processes, enabling’s transition from a software start-up to a certified Software as a Medical Device company. She has 15 years of experience, in start-ups and larger international companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, taking organizations from R&D stages up to final regulatory approval. Shira holds Ph.D. & M.Sc. degrees in Biotechnology and B.Sc. in Chemistry, from TAU (Magna Cum Laude).

  • Udi Ben-Senior

    VP Research and Development

    Udi is responsible for clearing the pipes and keeping the sludge moving in a dev house choked by bursting talents, tech temptations, eagerness and sophistication. Udi is a trained professional in managing teams, with leading roles at Intel and TwistBioScience, a founder of two companies, instructor, lecturer, tech leader and a software architect at heart and soul. He is the guy who knows how to harness people for extraordinary and outstanding deliveries, with a consistent track record of driving dramatic improvements in team's productivity, quality and software development methodologies.

  • Ido Sher

    VP Product Management

    Ensures use cases transform from concepts to out-of-the-box solutions. Ido has over 10 years of experience in executive product management roles, specializing in leading product strategy and execution for companies in their growth and transition phase. Ido holds an MBA, Tel Aviv University, and an M.Sc and B.Sc in computer and life sciences (Magna cum laude and cum laude, respectively) from Bar-Ilan University.

  • Michal Prato

    VP Human Resources

    Michal leads all aspects of Human Resources, establishing's infrastructure to support the business growth from start up stage to becoming a thriving Digital Health company. Michal has 25 years of experience in Global HR, in both large international companies and startups, and across a wide range of industries including Pharmaceutical, Fintech, Automotive, Satellites, Storage, and Security. Michal holds a BA and an MA in HR and Labor as well as certifications in Organization Consultancy and Psychotherapy from TAU university.

  • Mona Popilian-Yona

    VP Marketing

    Mona leads's global marketing creating awareness and demand generation. With over 20 years of international marketing experience in leading global and startup companies, Mona spares no effort in bringing the wonders of's technology to worldwide attention, with a combination of traditional and modern marketing and a pragmatic attitude. Mona has held positions at leading companies such as m-systems (acquired by SanDisk) and Cellebrite. She holds an MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Derby.

  • Sam Friedman

    VP Sales North America

    Sam built sales programs, market strategies and sales teams for several companies, including Hexatier (acquired by Huaweii), and Cyberbit. 15 years of experience in sales & management.

  • Alon Shem-Tov

    VP Sales International

    Delivers competitive advantage of to major global enterprises. MBA, Tel Aviv University. Founder of a retail team at Citi Group, lead EMEA sales at Earnix, lead business development at Personetics. Financial product manager at Bank Hapoalim, introducing new products and services. 15 years experience in financial services sales.

  • Hirao Mitsuhiro

    VP Sales Japan

    With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Hirao develops and manages all of’s sales and business management activities in Japan. After spending several years in positions at major players such as Cisco Systems and Oracle, he dedicated himself to developing the Japanese market for global start-ups including FireEye, Menlo Security, and Foundry Networks. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from Osaka University.

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Our groundbreaking monitoring solutions are regularly rewarded with leading industry awards and market validation. Here’s a selection of our latest recognition!

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What is’s solution? offers businesses a software-only, video-based Health Data Platform that transforms smartphones, tablets and laptops into health monitoring tools.

How does’s contactless health monitoring technology work?

Just by looking at the camera of a personal electronic device, like a smartphone, tablet or PC, end-users can extract a broad range of health parameters in under one minute. Our video-based technology makes health data available through just a click or tap, without the need to strap on or attach any devices.

How does extract health parameters?’s technology applies a unique mix of signal processing and AI technologies, combined with a proprietary mathematical back-end to analyze a signal taken from exposed skin on the surface of a human face. It applies motion compensation and illumination normalization and supports any gender and skin color. The health parameters extraction is based on a remote photoplethysmography rPPG or PPG signal (using the touch of a finger on the smartphone or tablet’s rear camera for challenging environmental conditions like complete darkness).’s sympathetic stress level measurement is based the internationally approved Baevsky Stress Index as well as additional parameters. The technology does not require the analysis of any identifiable personal feature (e.g., eyes).

How is delivered?’s Health Data Platform is delivered to businesses as a Software Development Kit (Binah SDK) or ready-to-use app (Binah Team), including a SaaS-based management tool.

Does sell directly to consumers?

No.’s technology is delivered to businesses in various industries in need of end-user provided health data, including healthcare, pharma, insurance, wellness and many more.

How is revolutionizing health monitoring?

Offering extraction of an extensive range of health parameters and support for various devices and operating systems, eliminates the need for wearables or other dedicated hardware used for remote health and wellness monitoring, enabling more users to easily access these tools and making user-provided health data more accessible to businesses at lower costs.

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