From Chronic Care to Athletic Training: 12 Ways to Advance Health and Wellness with Polar and’s Continuous Health Monitoring

Continuous health and wellness monitoring is essential in various situations where individuals and providers need access to a real-time and ongoing assessment of a person’s health and wellbeing levels. As it provides valuable data that can help providers monitor unstable patients, track treatment efficacy, lead to early detection of health issues, proactive intervention, and personalized care, the imperative to make continuous health monitoring more practical, efficient and cost-effective has become increasingly critical. 

Recently, announced a revolutionary partnership with Polar Electro to enable continuous health monitoring of a wide range of vital signs and mental stress levels using the Polar Verity Sense™. This partnership is breaking down barriers that once stood in the way of accessing continuous streams of real-time health data and opening doors in the healthcare, insurance, and wellness sectors. 

Here are 12 ways and Polar’s continuous health monitoring solution is making continuous health and wellness monitoring more accessible and eliminating barriers to better health and wellness: 

  1. Chronic Disease Management Individuals with chronic conditions such as hypertension or heart disease require continuous monitoring to track vital signs and medication effectiveness. To help prevent complications and ensure that the disease is managed optimally, payers and providers can enable patients to track these conditions from wherever they are.
  1. Post-Surgical Recovery After surgeries, especially major procedures, continuous vital signs monitoring is crucial to detect any postoperative complications or adverse reactions. It allows for timely interventions and a smoother recovery process. Using Polar and’s continuous monitoring, providers can free up space in healthcare facilities and save time and money by monitoring patient condition remotely and allowing them to recover from the comfort of their own homes.
  1. Elderly Care – Older adults often face health challenges that require constant monitoring. Continuous monitoring can help in detecting changes in vital signs or stress levels, providing immediate assistance or medical attention when needed. For seniors who wish to age in place,’s continuous monitoring can help ensure their safety and well-being, increase prevention of life-threatening conditions, and provide peace of mind for both the elderly individuals and their families.
  1. Virtual Trials – In the realm of clinical trials, Polar and’s continuous monitoring can revolutionize the data collection process. Participants can be remotely monitored, reducing geographical barriers and expanding the scope of clinical trials to diverse populations and locations. This can be especially helpful in reducing health disparities and ensuring that geographical barriers like travel and time off work don’t hinder the participation of people from diverse backgrounds and communities.
  1. Mental Wellness – Continuous monitoring is important for individuals with mental health conditions, as it can track stress and recovery patterns. Using Polar and’s solution to track patterns can aid in assessing the effectiveness of treatment and enable timely intervention during crisis situations.
  1. High-Risk Pregnancy – Pregnant women with high-risk pregnancies, such as those with hypertension, require continuous monitoring to ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby. This is also critical for women up to a year postpartum, during which 1 of 10 women who did not suffer from hypertension prior to giving birth are likely to develop it. Providing pregnant women with a simple, passive way to monitor their blood pressure, can enable them to keep track of their numbers and reduce the likelihood of complications.
  1. Sports and Fitness – Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can optimize their performance and reduce the risk of injury by continuously monitoring vital signs and performance metrics during training and competitions. With access to a range of health and wellness indicators from a single device, athletes can gain critical insights into their training patterns and health levels. 
  1. Remote Patient Monitoring – Patients who live far from healthcare facilities or who need long-term care can benefit from remote continuous monitoring. By enabling them to continuously monitor a wide range of health and wellness indicators remotely, payers and providers can reduce the need for frequent in-person visits, save time and resources, and allow healthcare providers to intervene when necessary.
  1. Wellness and Prevention Programs – Continuous monitoring in wellness programs can offer participants ongoing feedback on their health and lifestyle choices. This encourages individuals to stay on track with their wellness goals and make timely adjustments. In fact, our partners’ LiveWell by Zurich, have seen a dramatic increase in their clients’ engagement levels since incorporating our health and wellness monitoring technology, sometimes paired with Polar’s devices, into their platform. By empowering clients with a way to continuously monitor a wide range of health and wellness indicators, wellness providers can also hyper-personalize suggestions and provide clients with the personalized services they’re seeking.
  1. Occupational Health and Safety – In high-risk industries or for critical operators, Polar and’s continuous monitoring can be crucial for detecting signs of fatigue, stress, high or low blood pressure, cardiovascular issues or other health issues that could compromise safety.
  1. Employee Wellness – Employers are increasingly prioritizing support for their employees’ wellness. Using Polar and’s continuous monitoring of health and wellness indicators like vital signs, stress levels, and blood tests helps in understanding employees’ health and stress levels, reducing healthcare costs, preventing absenteeism due to medical issues and understanding what employees truly need to be happier and more productive at work.
  1. Medication Adherence – Continuous monitoring for medication adherence is crucial to ensure patients are taking their prescribed medications consistently. By enabling patients to continuously monitor their vital signs remotely, payers and providers can identify non-adherent patients, tailor interventions, and make necessary medication adjustments, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and early detection of issues and complications.

Polar Electro and’s Continuous Health Monitoring Solution and Polar Electro’s continuous health monitoring solution combines the exceptional quality and comfort of the Polar Verity Sense™ optical heart rate sensor with’s award-winning technology. Using our joint solution, organizations can empower their end users to continuously measure and share a comprehensive range of vital signs by simply connecting the Polar Verity Sense™ to their smartphone via Bluetooth® and wearing the band around their arm. Currently, the solution enables measurement of vital signs, including blood pressure, while a wide range of health and wellness indicators like fall detection and sleep analysis, and even bloodless blood tests will be coming soon. 

To learn more about our joint solution with Polar Electro, watch our recent webinar with Polar Co-founder and CEO and Livewell by Zurich CEO now.