11 Top Corporate Wellness Solutions Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing

Employers around the globe increasingly understand the need to invest in effective corporate wellness solutions. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stress on the job, with about half reporting a need for help learning to manage stress. Posing a significant burden on employers, job stress is estimated to cost the U.S. industry nearly $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, and medical, legal, and insurance costs. 

Job-related stress has only been exacerbated by the COVID19 pandemic and the rise of remote and hybrid work environments. While work-from-home has a number of benefits, it has also resulted in an increase of stress, loneliness and burnout among employees. With nine out of ten organizations asserting plans to combine remote and on-site work even after pandemic threats diminish, employers can play a significant role in helping employees manage stress and adjust to evolving conditions. One solution demonstrated to be particularly effective is for employers to invest in comprehensive corporate wellness programs. 

What are the benefits of corporate wellness programs?

Effective wellness programs not only reduce health-related costs and absenteeism but increase employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity. An analysis of 42 studies by The Institute of Healthcare Consumerism demonstrated that companies with effective corporate wellness programs experienced substantial gains, including a “30% reduction in worker’s compensation claims, 28% reduction in sick days, 26% reduction in health costs, and an average of $5.93 to $1 cost savings ratio.” Moreover, companies with outstanding wellness programs outperformed the S&P 500 over 14 years by 325% to 105%.

What do corporate wellness programs offer?

Over the past several years, wellness programs have shifted their focus from “wellness” to “wellbeing,” a more holistic approach, which, in addition to physical health, also aims to improve emotional resilience, stress management and financial stability. Motivating participants through social challenges and gamified corporate wellness apps, wellness programs now offer a variety of services, including:

  • Employee wellness checks and
    biometric screenings
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Chronic disease management 
  • Health risk assessment 
  • Mental health counseling 
  • Stress reduction programs

The far-reaching effects of employee well-being have given rise to a plethora of wellness programs and solutions.To help you navigate the corporate wellness world and choose the program that best suits your company, we’ve put together a list of some of the top-performing wellness programs with a range of program features and benefits.

  1. Virgin Pulse– The world’s largest digital wellness company, Virgin Pulse serves clients in 190 countries, spanning more than 4,000 organizations, including many of the Fortune 500 and Best Places to Work. Known for crafting engaging customer experiences, Virgin Pulse designs technology that helps employees cultivate positive lifestyle habits through small changes in daily routines. They provide services for employers and distributors and can be integrated into health plans, including health coaching, tailored condition management programs and personalized experiences.  
  1. Sonic boom– Sonic Boom believes that for wellness to work, people have to want to engage in it. With a core focus on key drivers of behavior change, Sonic Boom delivers unlimited custom contests, social challenges, and evolving and stimulating gaming mechanics, in addition to biometric screenings, employee wellness assessments and other traditional-health measurement tools. Inspiring members to make consistent improvements that result in healthier habits for life, Sonic Boom aims to make achieving health goals fun for employees to accomplish together.   
  1. Vitality– Applying insights gained through behavioral economics, Vitality uses robust data to deliver personalized incentives and content to individuals through a unique, gamified approach. Serving over 20 million members in 28 markets with proven results, Vitality is tailored to employers, brokers and health plans. 
  1. Alyfe– This woman-lled corporate wellness solution aims to improve workplace cultures by tackling wellbeing at its root and seeking each individual’s purpose in making positive behavior changes. Providing virtual or onsite services, including health advisers digital self-paced programs that support cognitive behavioral learning, workshops and branded engagement campaigns, Alyfe delivers tailor-made strategies to create meaningful change and draw the connection between good health and overall happiness. 
  1. Limeade– A software company aiming to improve employee experience and “build great places to work,” Limeade uses research conducted in its own Limeade Institute to create innovative solutions like the Limeade Well Being Assessment, The Limeade Results Model that describes the conditions to achieve ultimate results, and a unique approach to organizational support, engagement and inclusion.  Serving employers and resellers, Limeade software solutions offer data-driven recommendations and targeted activities to build and sustain effective and inclusive workspaces. 
  1. Well Steps– Working with employers and resellers to help employees adopt healthy behaviors through evidence-based wellness programs that improve employee health, lower health risks and reduce employee health care costs. Wellsteps’ solutions include an online program center and app, a rewards activity and incentive tracking tool, screening reminders, game-based challenges, wellness plans, a tracker feature that syncs with wearables, and a performance guarantee. 
  1. Wellable– Wellable’s corporate health and wellness technology platform delivers customizable, highly engaging wellness programs for employers, health plans, brokers, properties, resellers, and conferences. Aiming to drive a culture of wellness and improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention, Wellable’s platform combines popular fitness trackers, mobile fitness apps, web tools, health content, and traditional wellness services supplemented by seminars, webinars, fitness classes, health coaching, health fairs, specialty services, screenings, information tables, consulting, and more.
  1. Welltok– With proprietary data on over 275 million people across thousands of variables, Welltok uses robust data and analytics to drive consumer actions and help employers, health plans, and health systems achieve desired goals, including health system growth, employee wellness, and consumer loyalty. Asserting that most of an individual’s wellbeing is not defined by clinical care and genetics but by lifestyle and environment, Welltok uses its massive consumer database, predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create targeted actions that drive physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing. 
  1. Labcorp Employer Services– Part of LabCorp, a leading global life sciences company and formerly known as Wellness Corporate Solutions, Labcorp Employer Services provides award-winning wellness solutions, including biometric screenings, health coaching, comprehensive wellness programming and analytics with actionable insights for employers, health partners and health consumers.
  1. Medikeeper– Medikeeper designs customizable portals that allow employers, benefits providers, health plans and wellness companies to manage corporate health while motivating employees to take control of their health through personalized portals. Offering access to gamified wellness challenges with comprehensive reporting in addition to a standalone health risk assessment, Medikeeper integrates easily with various third-party vendors. 
  1. Lyra– Partnering with over 75 leading companies, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Starbucks, Lyra provides over a million people access to a comprehensive platform for mental health services. Using technology and data, Lyra connects companies and employers to mental health providers and treatments and provides access to coaches, self-care plans and tailored activities, live messaging or video, high-quality providers vetted for using evidence-based treatments like CBT and DBT, and ongoing symptom tracking to mitigate medication side effects, in addition to unlimited access to wellness apps like Calm and MyStrength.  

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