Enhances Datos Health’s Remote Care Automation Platform

Datos Health, a remote care automation platform recognized the power of a joint solution with

Datos Health’s remote care automation solution replaces today’s rigid, pre-set remote patient monitoring solutions with one open platform. Using Datos Health’s flexible design studio, clinicians can fine-tune care workflows to their needs and protocols, either creating remote care programs from scratch or by leveraging existing protocols from leading healthcare organizations. These workflows are then instantly transformed into patient applications, empowering patients to manage parts of their care journey themselves.

Datos Health sought a solution that would enable end-users to measure their real-time vital signs and health data from the comfort of their own homes in an easy and affordable manner.

With the integration of’s technology, Datos Health can now offer providers a platform complete with the capabilities needed for remote care to succeed. Using and Datos Health’s joint solution, providers can measure their patients vital signs remotely by simply having patients look at the camera of their smartphones or laptops.

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Benefits to Datos Health include:

Datos Health gives health providers the unique advantage of measuring patient vital signs remotely so they can make well-informed decisions without compromising on quality of care or data due to distance.

Datos Health helps providers eliminate logistical and financial challenges of distributing wearables to patients or requiring patients to purchase dedicated hardware.

Datos Health enables providers to seamlessly integrate patient health data into their electronic medical records (EMR) thereby saving time and reducing errors that result from manual input.

Datos Health enables providers to expand their capacity and provide care anywhere, empowering a larger patient population to benefit from all that remote care has to offer.

By eliminating logistical challenges, enabling seamless integration of health data, and helping providers easily access patients’ real-time vital signs measurements, Datos Health can now give providers a complete platform that makes remote care as simple, effective and accessible as possible.

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