Momentum Metropolitan Adds a Valuable New Health Data Source to Help Customers Lead Healthier Lifestyles


Momentum was looking for intelligent ways to boost the digitalization of its insurance offering

As a leading insurance company, Momentum has a broad vision to digitalize its value chain, and provide clients with intelligent, streamlined tools to monitor health vitals, improve insurance services, and early identify health flags, while getting better, real-insights into their clients’ healthcare status.

As part of this vision, the company was looking for strategic partnerships that could help them to achieve their goals quickly, compliantly, and in a personalized, future-focused way.

Binah.ai’s technology provides Momentum with vital health

Momentum immediately recognized the potential of remote, video-based vital signs monitoring for their clients. This would provide a valuable stream of health data to them as a company, as well as offer customers and partners the tools to stay on top of their own health vitals and attain peace of mind.

Momentum’s first Binah.ai’s SDK integration was into their Kimi Screening application, allowing their customers to address multiple use-cases while measuring Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiration and Stress levels from anywhere in the world.

Momentum Metropolitan Adds a Valuable New Health Data Source to Help Customers Lead Healthier Lifestyles 0

Benefits for Momentum include:

Fully integrated technology: Using Binah.ai’s simple to adopt yet powerful SDK, Momentum could fully integrate the vital signs monitoring solution with its own existing branding, making the functionality seamless with the existing Kimi application.

Ease-of-use for the customer: Corporate customers of Momentum can now utilize a full digital application, with accurate and granular vital signs monitoring without the need for wearables or any additional hardware or software.

Greater insight into relationships: The company can now highlight potential sources of risk for customers ahead of time, and offer a better standard of care and support for clients. In turn, this facilitates brand loyalty and stronger customer connections.

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