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Video-based Heart Rate Monitoring provides non-intrusive, “no-touch” heart rate monitoring using a real-time video feed
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1-2 beats per minute accuracy
Use simple camera
Off-the-shelf solution

Beat the Remote Health and Wellness Monitoring Challenge

Join the health and wellness self-monitoring revolution, tracking your clients’ heart rates, getting vital signs via any camera on their phones, computers, or cars

Standard Solutions

The Common Approach

Requires monitors with leads attached to the body

Needs direct skin contact

Human vibration causes interference

Delivers low levels of accuracy (over 3 BPM) Heart Rate Monitoring

Strengthen Client Relationships with Health and Wellness Insights

Requires no skin contact

Uses standard mobile/computer/off-the-shelf camera

Compensates for motion/light influences

Unprecedented levels of accuracy (1-2 BPM)


Binah's Unique Approach

How It Works

Binah’s provides a non-intrusive, “no touch” heart rate monitoring solution based on signal extraction of skin segments on the human face using a real-time video stream from any device.
Heart rate monitoring via video consists of many steps, including
  • Optimized face detection and tracking
  • Motion compensation to support any movement, including shaking
  • Illumination normalization supports always-changing lighting conditions
  • Automatically selects skin region of interest 

The heart rate estimation algorithm includes creation of a photo-plethysmography signal, signal denoising and removal of rapid intensity artifacts, spectral analysis of the photo-plethysmography signal, and reconstruction of an ECG-like signal.

Binah.NOW’s heart rate monitoring use case is available as an SDK supporting most common operating systems and processing architectures, including all smartphones. It is also available as a demo app for Android. 

Strengthen Client Relationships with Health and Wellness Insights is challenging the wearable paradigm for heart rate monitoring, taking it one step further: All you need is a simple camera

Health Monitoring Mobile App – Plug-and-play

for Healthcare AI and Augmented Analytics

Use Cases

Seamless Integration
Multiple APIs

Model Validation

Unparalleled Accuracy
and Results

10x Faster Time
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Signal Processing
and Proprietary Back-end Framework

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