Binah.ai Empowers Generali Deutschland VitalSigns&Care


Binah.ai Helps Generali Deutschland Create a Powerful, Preventive Wellness Offering for Its Customers

In today’s challenging landscape, Generali has a clear vision – future-focused and looking for continuous innovation, while always putting the customer first.

Recognizing that health awareness is at an all-time high due to the pandemic, and with a drive to support its own customers in monitoring health status, Generali wanted to create a wellness application from scratch. The insurance giant wanted to align this solution with the nationwide push from the German government for an increasingly digitalized healthcare system.

As well as providing this offering to its own customers, Generali wanted to be able to extend the reach of the application across the whole country, with the opportunity to roll it out across additional countries throughout Europe.

Binah.ai Clearly Fit the Brand Voice for Generali: Customer-focused, Innovative and Digitized

After an introduction to Binah.ai, Generali saw the value immediately for its digital roadmap. The company entered a period of rigorous testing through its partner SDG Group to ensure that the vital signs measurements would meet its stringent requirements. After validating the accuracy and stability of Binah.ai, Generali began working with SDG Group to implement Binah.ai’s SDK into its minimum viable product (MVP), to go to launch just 4 months after the initial introduction was made.

Generali’s new wellness application, VitalSigns&Care, has multiple elements to it, facilitated through Binah.ai’s remote vital signs monitoring technology.

1. Users will receive a graphical representation of their vital signs, to self-monitor wellbeing

2. Recommendations and education to promote better nutrition, preventive healthcare and work-life balance for Generali’s users.

3. Healthcare and homecare capabilities, to enable a call or chat from the app to assistance services, where necessary.

Generali will start in May of 2021 with deployment in Germany, with development of further use cases expected to follow soon.


Generali Has Cemented Its Reputation as an Insurer on the Forefront of Innovation with VitalSigns&Care

Generali’s VitalSigns&Care application will start in Germany for existing insurance customers and and nationwide to non-customers, too. Benefits for Generali include:

Added revenues: Generali can attract new users who may become customers, and also generate additional revenues through the application itself thanks to additional value-added services (healthcare assistance, home care for users with special needs, travel care, etc.).

Better customer offering: VitalSigns&Care is a full wellness offering for customers, including advice on how they can keep a better lifestyle and improve their well-being. For today’s health conscious user-base, it’s a perfect market fit.

To read Generali’s press release on partnering with Binah.ai, please click here.

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