Elite Global Doctors' Transforms Travel Insurance Healthcare Services Using Video-based, Remote Health and Wellness Checks

Elite Global Doctors was looking for a way to make accessing medical assistance while traveling abroad faster, easier and more efficient for providers and their end users. 

Elite Global Doctors (EGD) is a subsidiary of Health Access Services (HAS), a global solutions provider with services for travel insurance, telemedicine, risk management administration, and cost containment. With a commitment to providing the best possible service to its customers, Elite Global Doctors was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of their travel insurance services and enhance the customer experience.

Traditionally, if a policy-holder contacted Elite Global Doctors with issues like overall discomfort, nasal congestion, a headache for over 24 hours, and a history of hypertension and migraine, the patient would either need a house call or to travel to either a clinic or local hospital. This generates extra costs, with Elite Global Doctors having to send over a local provider and cover the added cost of a house call or a clinic visit. It also creates discomfort for the patient, who then has to struggle to find a clinic in a foreign place and communicate with a doctor, who may not speak their language. 

Binah.ai’s video-based health check technology provided EGD with a fast and efficient way to assess the health of travelers remotely

Elite Global Doctors’ operations and tech teams collaborated closely to integrate Binah.ai’s technology into their system. They conducted extensive tests and troubleshooting exercises to identify any issues and make adjustments to meet their specific needs. Once implemented, Binah.ai’s health checks became a standard feature utilized whenever applicable.

After implementing Binah.ai, Elite Global Doctors now enables patients to share their real-time health data during remote telemedicine sessions with physicians, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of their current health status. The real-time data empowers Elite Global Doctors to triage conditions remotely, prevent needless clinic or ER visits, diagnose patients and prescribe appropriate medications.

With Binah.ai’s real-time health and wellness checks, Elite Global Doctors can now also enable patients to feel safe and at ease, knowing that their vitals have been seen by a doctor in real-time, while saving them the trouble of looking for and traveling to a clinic. 

Elite Global Doctors' Transforms Travel Insurance Healthcare Services Using Video-based, Remote Health and Wellness Checks 0

Key benefits for Elite Global Doctors included:

Cost Reduction: Elite Global Doctors significantly reduced expenses related to house calls and visits to local clinics or hospitals.

Speed and Efficiency: Elite Global Doctors improved the efficiency of their travel insurance services, enabling providers to resolve cases in a fraction of the time and travelers to access medical assistance quickly and conveniently.

Enhanced Patient Experience: By enabling travelers to conveniently access care through their mobile devices, Elite Global Doctors is helping patients save time and resources while providing them with a sense of safety and support from physicians.

Easy Data Exchange between Providers: When patients require continued care, healthcare providers can easily send data to clinics or hospitals, improving collaboration and enhancing the overall care experience.

Seamless Integration: Collaborating with Binah.ai’s Customer Support Team, Elite Global Doctors’ operation and tech teams were able to easily integrate Binah.ai’s technology into their platform.

By leveraging Binah.ai’s innovative technology, Elite Global Doctors was able to raise the bar of excellence for travel insurance, making providing and accessing remote medical assistance faster, more efficient, and readily accessible for both travelers and providers.