Power your teams with a corporate wellness application. Today. No integration needed.

Binah Team
A Ready-to-use Wellness Monitoring Solution for Organizations

Binah Team <br>
A Ready-to-use 
Wellness Monitoring Solution
for Organizations
Empower Wellness. Today.

Empower Wellness. Today.

Binah Team is an end-to-end corporate wellness platform that allows any organization to instantly offer a health and wellness monitoring tool to its employees, students or any other teams members.

Delivered on a per-user model and including smart management tools, Binah Team requires no integration and includes a SaaS management platform and an end-user mobile application.

The Binah Team solution allows your teams to extract the following vitals signs, by applying rPPG (using the front-facing camera of any smartphone, tablet) as well as PPG (using the back camera of smartphones and tablets):



Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)







Blood Pressure<br>(coming soon)

Blood Pressure
(coming soon)

Body Mass Index<br>(manual BMI data)

Body Mass Index
(manual BMI data)

The Simplest Route to a Corporate Wellness Application

The Simplest Route to a Corporate Wellness Application

Upload the list of users you want to support into the app’s dashboard, and they will be sent a link to download the app directly from the app store. Binah Team will handle the rest.

Each added user will be able to measure vital signs and mental stress level, using their smartphone front or back camera, in under a minute. The app also delivers BMI levels calculated based on personal information manually entered, history and trends of measurements and notifications. The app runs on the device.

Facilitate a Healthy Working Environment

When offered as part of a corporate wellness program, use Binah Team to boost morale across your teams by showing that you’re serious about both physical and mental health. Help them act fast in case of an illness or virus, enforcing quarantine where necessary.

In addition, empower your users with data into mental stress levels so that they can reach out when they need added support, for example counselling, a reduced workload, or mentorship.

Facilitate a Healthy Working Environment
Support Wellbeing Efforts

Support Wellbeing Efforts

Support your users’ health and fitness efforts by empowering them with a tool that they can use, anywhere.

Once users are signed up to Binah Team, they will be able to use the health and wellness monitoring app wherever they wish, such as after workouts, as part of their fitness routines, or to stay on top of their healthcare in a more data-driven way.

Check out our per-user business model

Ready to onboard a wellness program with the quickest possible time to value?

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