MEDICA 2019 was Amazing! Don’t Miss Our Highlights of the #1 World Forum for Medicine

We’re just winding down after MEDICA 2019 in Dusseldorf last month! Between November 18th and 21st, thought leaders, industry experts and more than 120,000 participants overall spent four days learning from MedTech market leaders working at the most innovative spaces in the industry, from start-ups to big players alike. The event posed the question, what can we learn from leaders in the MedTech field, and how can we use that knowledge to improve the industry?
Turns out, there was a lot to learn! If you missed the event, or want a recap – here are some of’s highlights.

The Hospital of the Future
If you were following MEDICA this year, you probably heard the term “hospital of the future” more than once. The idea of a ‘smart hospital’ is not a new one, but the latest advances in technology and AI are beginning to turn this idea into a reality. A smart hospital means different things to different stakeholders, but MEDICA this year described it as “better communication, better monitoring, and more precise treatment options” brought about by digitization. We love that definition, and we saw a whole lot of exciting technology driving that vision this year. Some of the goals that we saw coming up multiple times include:
• Releasing the burden for medical professionals: Freeing up staff to provide better patient care, upskill to new competencies, relieving the focus from repetitive or manual tasks.
• Increasing patient safety: By streamlining and optimizing performance using technology, patients can get a guaranteed standard of care, with no gaps or blind spots.
• Improving quality of care: Faster and more accurate access to patient data can make a real difference to efficiency and outcomes, as well as simplifying treatment procedures.
• Limiting bureaucracy: While the medical field has historically been all about pen and paper and form filling, digitization gives the industry a chance to embrace networking and collaboration.
• Better communication: The faster you can process data and treat patients, the better for patients, staff, and hospitals as a whole. The logistical supply chain can be revolutionized from end to end.

Mobile apps and mHealth for Telehealth Monitoring
We saw a real surge in interest for mobile apps offering medical solutions via smartphone at this year’s event. In fact, the MEDICA app competition encouraged more than 100 entries to throw their hats in the ring and compete to be one of the 15 finalists that could present their innovative mobile solutions live at the event.
It’s clear to us that this is not a passing trend, but a real drive in the market for users to access user-friendly, intuitive apps that can be easily downloaded onto a mobile phone, without the need for wearables or extra equipment.

Enter, Offering New Innovation in Telemedicine!
With that in mind, we were delighted to demonstrate our own product at MEDICA this year, explain how our video-based vitals and stress management solution works, with a live demo.
Our AI application helps medical staff to monitor and manage patient’s vital signs, on-premise or remote, including but not limited to, heart rate, mental stress levels, respiration and oxygen saturation levels. Our revolutionary technology allows the application to operate on any device with a camera, without the need for internet access. An amazing tool that can close the gap in modern medicine, accessible to anyone, with wide utilization potential, even in developing countries or the remotest locations.
At MEDICA, we showed the audience how our tool works in practice, detecting a patient’s face and within seconds providing a report that can be checked to prove its extreme accuracy against other medical-grade technology. Our application has multiple use cases, from insurers who are looking for a smart and efficient way to check clients wellbeing, to medical staff working directly with patient care, and for any professionals who would benefit from remote medical data.

A Leading Voice in the Conversation for Digital Healthcare
Attending the largest event of its kind in the MedTech world is always an incredible experience, and the reception to our own technology was just the icing on the cake. Many attendees even admitted that their initial curiosity and skepticism turned to wonder and amazement once our demo was complete and our measurements’ accuracy was compared to medical equipment!
Looking ahead to 2020, we are so proud to have exhibited our technology at MEDICA, and are looking forward to continuing to innovate and release new features to be part of the smart medical landscape of tomorrow.

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