and CareOS Partner to Bring Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring to Homes via Smart Mirrors

Individuals can now add vital signs monitoring to their wellness routines to gain a deeper understanding of their overall health, track progress and help improve long-term well-being

TEL AVIV, Mar. 15,, the leading provider of general health and wellness video-based monitoring solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced today a partnership with CareOS, a personal care software platform from Baracoda Group, aiming to elevate health and wellness capabilities in the home, via smart mirrors.’s award-winning technology provides real-time health data including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ), in one minute, with end-users just looking at the camera of a device.


“As stated in our vision for healthcare anywhere, arming users with the ability to access their health data via a device that they use daily (smartphones, tablets, laptops and now smart mirrors)  was a cornerstone in building,” said Mona Popilian-Yona, Vice President of Marketing at “Our partnership with CareOS was a natural next step, bringing the same capabilities into IoT, specifically to the location where the majority of us begin and end our day–the bathroom mirror. We are very happy to be part of CareOS’ amazing product and bring yet another way for individuals to gain access to their real-time health data through this partnership and empower them to take an active and informed role in their wellness journeys.” technology is currently integrated into the CareOS Artémis large size mirror; and soon Themis, the CareOS’ small size accessible mirror to be launched in 2023. There is no need to purchase or secure wearables or any other dedicated hardware for measurements as the entire process is contactless. All user vitals remain confidential and are stored by default into the mirror device, allowing users access to their health history through evolution graphs.’s experience is also enriched in the CareOS platform.


The users are quizzed on healthy habits as their face is scanned via’s technology, which can help enhance additional wellness applications included in the interface; such as Skin Coach, which offers a guide to better skincare routines through regular skin analysis, tutorials or guided toothbrushing, to improve your oral care day by day. All of this and more is available without even touching the mirror – fostering better health habits!


“It was essential for us to find the right partner who shared our vision of not only bringing the ability to accurately monitor health data, but also do so in a contactless and secure way; ensuring both privacy and ease,” said CareOS Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Violaine Monmarché. “Now, customers can access this invaluable intel as part of their daily routines, which can inform and inspire health changes, track processes and help improve long-term well-being.”


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About’s software-only, video-based Health Data Platform is the next stage in the evolution of health and wellness monitoring. By eliminating the need for wearables and dedicated hardware devices and transforming smartphones, tablets and laptops into health and wellness monitoring tools, is enabling healthcare, insurance and wellness industries worldwide to access an extensive range of health parameters, just by having users look into their device’s camera. Delivering on its vision and mission to support healthcare anywhere, is making access to user-provided health data fast, simple and affordable and empowering organizations to provide quality, personalized care and services at lower costs.


The solution is not a medical device and should be considered as a self-assessment tool only.


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About CareOS, a subsidiary of Baracoda Group

CareOS is a privacy-first, intuitive, open personal care platform that improves wellbeing and long term health. Embedded in a smart mirror, CareOS organizes and enhances information from connected devices, digital services and smart sensors to create new daily routines. CareOS is part of Baracoda Group, the leader in Daily Healthtech. The company infuses connected tech into everyday objects – leveraging AI, data analysis, machine learning, app development, gamification and more. Baracoda’s CES-awarded innovation model is driven by quantitative indexes, developed in-house to recognize daily habits that improve health and wellness.


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