Empowers the Together by Renee App with Video-Based Biomarker Checks’s technology allows Together by Renee’s end-users to easily check and share vital signs with caregivers and family, using only their smartphone cameras

Tel Aviv, IsraelJuly 26, 2023 –, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) powered health and wellness check software, announced today that its technology is empowering the Together by Renee app with video-based health and wellness check capabilities.’shnology, delivered in the form of a Software Development Kit (SDK), seamlessly integrates into organization apps or workflows to empower their services with video-based health and wellness checks. By simply looking at their smartphone cameras, end-users can measure and share a wide variety of biomarkers, including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ) within 30-60 seconds. This capability significantly enhances the effectiveness of personalized, remote and preventive care, offering peace of mind to both caregivers and patients. Now, they can measure vital signs anywhere and anytime they need to, in an extremely easy way, with a device they always carry with them.’sbased touchless vital signs checks align perfectly with our vision of making routine, important healthcare tasks magically easy for aging Americans and their overwhelmed caregivers alike,” says Nick Desai, CEO of Together. “We’re thrilled to partner with and look forward to many joint innovations that improve patient lives in the years to come.”

The Together by Renee app is set to remove the barriers between aging Americans and better health. The app helps patients and caregivers manage their medications, appointments, refills, doctors and more just by using their smartphone camera and voice, eliminating the need for typing. Serving as a centralized care platform, Together streamlines several tasks like making appointments with the doctor, automatically calling in refills, and determining the preventive checks that users are likely to need by taking pictures of patients’ bill pottles. Additionally, the Together by Renee app eliminates the need for paperwork that is still prevalent in healthcare today. By helping adults follow their care plans to better health, Together by Renee provides peace of mind to caregivers and empowers healthcare services with important, real-time information.

“We are delighted that the Renee team has chosen to empower their transformative Together by Renee app and proposition for better, more preventive, personalized and centralized care,” said Dina Segro, CRO at This has always been our vision, and we are thrilled to see it become a reality”, added Segro.

For more information on, please visit or write to us at’sution is not a medical device and should be used as a general wellness tool only.

About’seo-based Health Data Platform is the leading software for health and wellness checks. Reducing the need for dedicated hardware, it transforms smartphones, tablets and other camera-equipped devices into health and wellness monitoring tools. empowers industries, including healthcare, insurance and wellness by offering a tool for end users worldwide to take bloodless blood tests and measure and share a wide range of biomarkers. Delivering on its vision to support healthcare and wellness anywhere, is making access to user-provided health data fast, simple and affordable, empowering organizations to provide quality, personalized care and services at lower costs. Media Contact:

About Together by Renee

Together by Renee was founded in 2021 by veteran health-tech entrepreneurs Nick Desai and Dr. Renee Dua – the husband-wife team that created doctor house-call industry leader Heal in 2014. Together by Renee creates personal healthcare assistants designed to help everyone, especially aging and polychronic Americans and their caregivers, manage and complete their most essential healthcare tasks. The company’s flagship product, Together, is a groundbreaking intelligent mobile health assistant application that supports patients throughout their healthcare journey. Together by Renee has been doing R&D on Together for 18 months to understand real aging Americans and their needs. Together by Renee piloted the Together approach and has seen dramatic improvements in patient health and has tested and vetted the Together approach through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services PandemicX and the AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative accelerators. Together by Renee is supported by venture investments from Quiet Capital, Tau Ventures, Mucker Capital and the AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative. For more information visit

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