Partners with Polar to Provide Continuous Health and Wellness Monitoring

The new collaborative solution addresses a wide range of applications in the healthcare, wellness, and insurance sectors, for situations where continuous monitoring is imperative

Tel Aviv Israel, September 20,, the number one health and wellness check software, announced today its partnership with Polar Electro, the world leader in personal guidance for fitness, sport and health.’s award-winning, innovative technology, delivered to organizations as a Software Development Kit (Binah SDK), seamlessly integrates into apps or workflows to empower offerings with spot and continuous health and wellness checks that end-users can perform anytime, anywhere, by simply looking at the camera of a smartphone or tablet, or just by comfortably wearing a Polar Verity Sense™ optical heart rate sensor. With the combination of software and Polar Verity Sense sensor, end-users can now continuously measure and share a wide variety of vital signs and biomarkers, including blood pressure* (*to be launched imminently), heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ) and a wellness score. solution also provides bloodless blood tests such as hemoglobin and hemoglobin A1C (currently under research), available through the video-based, spot-check solution. A regular measurement takes 30-60 seconds and is performed on the device, allowing access even without an internet connection.

The Powered by Polar solution empowers Binah SDK to support continuous monitoring by linking to the Polar Verity Sense heart rate sensor. The SDK connects through Bluetooth® to the Polar Verity Sense sensor, from which it receives a raw PPG (Photoplethysmography) signal that it analyzes to deliver the following vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, and pulse respiratory quotient (PRQ). It also calculates and provides a wellness score. Partners with Polar to Provide  Continuous Health and Wellness Monitoring 0

Bloodless blood tests are expected to be delivered in Q4/2023. Future releases will include fall detection, sleep analysis and perfusion index (PI).

Organizations in need of continuous monitoring capabilities can now integrate Binah’s SDK into their app to obtain continuous readings of the aforementioned vital signs when the Polar Verity Sense sensor is added. All their end-users need to do is wear the Polar Verity Sense sensor on their arm and keep their smartphone within the vicinity of the Polar sensor. Measurements can be configured to run every 3 to 120 minutes, relieving end-users of the need to manually take measurements.

“We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Polar Electro, enabling us to offer continuous health and wellness monitoring whenever and wherever mandatory,” says David Maman, Co-Founder and CEO of “From the numerous solutions available, we opted for Polar as our first choice due to its widespread popularity and the exceptional quality and accuracy of its products and results. Following high demand from the market for continuous monitoring, we are looking forward with great excitement to the significant market potential of the joint solution and the positive impact it will have on people’s wellbeing,” continued Maman.

Organizations in the healthcare, wellness and insurance sectors can use Binah SDK together with the Polar Verity Sense for use cases such as remote patient monitoring, home and elderly care, wellness programs, employee and critical operator wellness and many more.

“Since its inception Polar Electro has been an innovator in science and guidance technology and, as market leader in our field, we are delighted that has chosen the Polar Verity Sense to support its cutting-edge software technologies” says Polar Electro CEO Sander Werring. “This is an exciting partnership that will enable more people around the globe to have access to data that can enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing. With shared common values of helping people to understand themselves better and live better, we look forward to the many opportunities this industry leading partnership will bring.”

Organizations interested in using the joint solution without developing their own app can leverage’s new app, Binah Connect, which allows them to begin collecting continuous health data instantly when adding the Polar Verity Sense sensor. The measurements’ results via Binah Connect are sent directly to the organization’s cloud, with having absolutely no access to the data.

Existing Binah SDK customers will be able to upgrade to the new version available in early October 2023. The Polar Verity Sense sensor is already widely available globally.  For more information on the sensor itself contact Polar on

Polar and will hold a live webinar on October 4, 2023, where Polar Electro CEO, Sander Werring, and CEO, David Maman, will present the new solution and its market potential. The webinar will also host LiveWell by Zurich CEO, Stephanie Lloyd, who will present the LiveWell app, which incorporates technologies from both Polar and (currently in beta testing).

To register for the webinar, please click here.’s solution and the Polar Verity Sense sensor are not medical devices and should be used as self-assessment tools only.

 ABOUT BINAH.AI’s video-based Health Data Platform is the number one software for health and wellness checks. Reducing the need for dedicated hardware, it transforms smartphones, tablets and other camera-equipped devices into health and wellness monitoring tools. empowers industries, including healthcare, insurance and wellness by offering a tool for end users worldwide to take bloodless blood tests and measure and share a wide range of vital signs. Delivering on its vision to support healthcare and wellness anywhere, is making access to user-provided health data fast, simple and affordable and empowering organizations to provide quality, personalized care and services at lower costs.

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