Together by Renee Eases the Burden of Health Management for Seniors with’s Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring

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Together by Renee Was Looking for a Way to Make Measuring and Tracking Health Data Magically Easy

Together by Renee addresses the challenges aging Americans face in managing chronic conditions. With multiple conditions to track, complex healthcare systems to navigate, and unfamiliar technology to manage, staying on top of health can feel overwhelming and out-of-reach for seniors, caregivers, and patients with chronic diseases.

To tackle these challenges, Together by Renee developed a groundbreaking app that is the first to harness generative AI to transform these cumbersome healthcare tasks into seamless, effortless actions. Requiring no typing or data entry, Together uses just the smartphone camera and AI to “magically” remove the myriad obstacles that stand between Americans over 50 and better health outcomes. These obstacles include medication refills, appointment scheduling, complex forms, opaque insurance benefits and more. 

The Struggles of Monitoring and Managing Health Data

Traditional methods of monitoring health data for seniors are inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming. These methods require patients to use multiple devices, which are often difficult to use, to check their vitals and manually log in their numbers, or travel to clinics, which can be risky for those with compromised immune systems.Together was looking for a way to remove all of the friction associated with measuring and monitoring health data. 

The Perfect Fit:’s Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring Solution’s video-based vital signs monitoring technology was the perfect solution for Together By Renee. “’s AI-based touchless vital signs checks align perfectly with our vision of making routine, important healthcare tasks magically easy for aging Americans and their overwhelmed caregivers alike,” says Together by Renee CEO, Nick Desai. The technology empowers seniors to measure a wide range of vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate, in under a minute by taking a simple selfie video. This way patients can take their vitals from wherever they are without having to learn how to use a new device or remember to take it with them. Their smartphone is always with them, and since’s technology requires no internet connection, they can be sure to check their vitals no matter where they are.

Together by Renee Eases the Burden of Health Management for Seniors with’s Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring 0

The Benefits of A Transformative Partnership 

With the integration of’s video-based vital signs monitoring solution, Together by Renee users now enjoy:

Effortless Vital Signs Monitoring: Contactless measurement of vital signs, stress levels, and blood tests in under a minute, anytime, anywhere, even without internet connection.

Improved Health Outcomes: Increased engagement and access to data empowers end users to stay on top of their health and identify issues ahead of time.

Reduced Costs and Time: No more expensive devices or inconvenient clinic visits. End users can save money and time with measurements from home using a device they already have.

Seamless Health Tracking: Historical health data enables end users to gain insights into wellbeing or to easily share with doctors, caregivers or family members for more informed decisions and peace of mind.

Reduced Health Risks: End users can avoid the barriers associated with transportation, reduce their risk of contamination at clinics, and prevent the deterioration of health conditions with access to real-time data.

App User Testimonial:

I always had low blood pressure in my younger years and do not see a doctor, but now in my late 60s I had no idea my blood pressure has gotten so high until I saw the first reading from this app.It also suggested a whole slew of tests that I should have done (which it did not suggest for my friends) so I paid a visit to a doctor who confirmed the reading and wanted to immediately put me on meds. 

I said I would first try to lower it on my own. I completely cut out my daily caffeine, lowered my carb intake and started walking every day. I looked into what the other numbers on the app’s vitals results are, and was shocked to find out how important the HRV number is and that mine was scarily low. Since making my changes that number is also increasing.

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