Combat the Spread of COVID-19 with Remote Suspects Triage

Check COVID-19 Related Vital Signs from Remote to Prevent Medical Premises Overcrowding and Keep Staff Safe’s real-time vital signs monitoring app allows medical staff to easily measure oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate, heart rate and HRV – from remote. These important measurements, in combination with other symptoms – such as fever, coughing or a sore-throat – can greatly aid health professionals in deciding whether a patient should seek further medical attention or, conversely, reduce risking exposure by remaining safely at home.

Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring

Works on any camera-equipped device

No wearables or sensors needed

Delivering consistent medical-grade accuracy

Easy-to-use, at a click of a button

Easy-to-Integrate SDK or end-to-end platform

Supports any age, gender and skin color

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