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Clinically tested, medical-grade accuracy
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Remote COVID-19 Suspects Triage

How’s Real-Time, Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Solution Can Help

Combatting the Spread of COVID-19

Healthcare providers face difficulties with monitoring and triaging possibly infected individuals, all while limiting exposure of COVID-19 to the non-infected patients and medical staff. On March 13, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a document called “Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) when COVID-19 disease is suspected”. The document emphasizes the critical importance of monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2) in COVID-19 suspects, as an indication of a respiratory-related issue.’s real-time, remote vital signs monitoring app allows anyone to easily measure oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate and HRV – just by looking into a smartphone camera. These important measurements, in combination with other symptoms – such as fever, coughing or a sore-throat – can greatly aid health professionals in deciding whether a patient should seek further medical attention or, conversely, reduce risking exposure by remaining safely at home.

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Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring in Elderly Citizens, during and post COVID-19

When vital signs monitoring is so critical for this important part of society, how can medical systems bridge the gap?

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Fulfilling the Telemedicine Promise with Remote, Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring During and Post COVID-19

Being able to offer medical service providers the ability to remotely monitor a set of vital signs would tremendously boost

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Getting the Travel Industry Back on Track With Real-time, Video-based Health Monitoring

Learn how to provide an additional, critical layer of health monitoring and protection to the existing health status questionnaires or

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Clinically Tested

Medical-grade Accuracy You Can Trust

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

Respiration Rate

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Mental Stress

Blood Pressure (coming soon)

Success Story

Canadian hospital set to roll out's "game-changing" app in coronavirus battle

Medical staff and patients at the Jewish General Hospital will be using a potentially powerful new tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming days — a smartphone app that will allow users to monitor their vital signs by simply staring into their phone’s screen. Read more now

As seen on Fox News, the New York Post 

Canadian hospital set to roll out's "game-changing" app in coronavirus battle

The Process of Vital Signs Measurement Includes the Following


1. Video Capture

2. Face Detection

3. Face Tracking

4. Motion Compensation

5. Illumination Normalization

6. Skin Region Selection

AI Delivers Real-time Insights

Solving Medical Staff Shortages

AI Delivers Real-time Insights

Digital and connected healthcare solutions hold the promise of enhancing and expanding delivery of medical services by enabling self- and remote diagnosis. With a deficit of over 15 million medical personnel forecasted by 2023, goes a long way in reducing the burden on medical staff by providing a medical-grade, video-based vital signs monitoring app that can be administered by patients or remotely prior to admission. During the present COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the need to protect medical personnel becomes even more acute. Applying innovative technologies to complete the diagnosis and triage of COVID-19-suspect patients from remote can greatly contribute and prevent the overloading of medical facilities.

Recent Market Recognition

Our groundbreaking video-based vital signs monitoring tool is constantly rewarded with leading industry awards and market recognition. This is a selection of the recently received. 

Recent Market Recognition


AI-powered Healthcare Made Easy

Available as an SDK for iOS or Android or as an end-to-end white label platform,’s ready-to-use, AI-powered healthcare solutions are extremely easy to deploy, integrate and use. What are you waiting for? Let’s fight this together! 

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Jewish General set to roll out game-changing app in coronavirus battle

Medical staff and patients at the Jewish General Hospital will be using a potentially powerful new tool in the fight

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Resource Helps Combat the Spread of COVID-19 with Real-time, Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Learn more about how we can contribute to decreasing the spread of COVID-19, keeping public and medical staff safe.

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