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Capital Market

Foreign Currency Close (FIX) WM Predictions

4 p.m. WM/Reuters close predictions maximize trading profits and replication strategy
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Business Results
0.5 pip
Error Level
Trend Accuracy
Seamless Integration

The Challenge

Increase profits and hedging strategies with a range of 0.5 pips error accuracy predictions for all major currency pairs for the WM/R close rates. Provided 2.5 or 3.5 minutes before the daily close is set.

Standard Solutions

Not utilizing the WM forecasting potential

TWAP or VWAP are mainly used

Averaging is almost never the actual fix

In-house solutions inaccurate

Forecasting backlog results not addressing all WM challenges

Binah.NOW Solution

Significant bottom-line improvement

Pure service solution based on multiple data sources (ECNs)

Profit from highly accurate forecasting

Real-time performance with multiple API support

Out-of-the box service 2.5-3.5 minutes within the WMR window

Currently supporting 16 major currency pairs


Increase Profit with Previously Impossible Results

Gain a competitive advantage using highly accurate, stable, and high-performance foreign currency trade predictions

WMR Fix Prediction Results

Binah.NOW – Plug-and-play

for Enterprise AI and Augmented Analytics

Use Cases

Seamless Integration
Multiple APIs

Model Validation

Unparalleled Accuracy
and Results

Signal Processing
and Proprietary Back-end Framework

10x Faster Time
to Market

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