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Market Index Forecasting

Increase investment ROI by accurately forecasting tomorrow’s market movements
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Business Results
Improved ROI
Enable New Strategies

The Challenge

Predicting tomorrow’s market Open, Close, High, Low, and Volatility strengthens your portfolio investment decision making

Standard Solutions

Based on “Best Guess” Approximations

Too much market volatility

Non-uniform distribution weakens analysis ability

Low volume of data points

Significant outliers affect ROI

Binah.NOW Solution

Out-of-the-box use cases deliver critical business insights

Delivers extreme precision

Results strengthen over time

Efficiently optimizes parameters

Provides market movement at highest levels of certainty


Increase Profit with Previously Impossible Results

Accurately forecasting key market index parameters maximizes portfolio managers’ returns for the short- and medium-term

Volatility Analysis Results for Nikkei 1000

Precision = 0.92  Recall = 0.99  Correlation = 0.94  AUC = 0.9967

Binah.NOW – Plug-and-play

for Enterprise AI and Augmented Analytics

Use Cases

Seamless Integration
Multiple APIs

Model Validation

Unparalleled Accuracy
and Results

Signal Processing
and Proprietary Back-end Framework

10x Faster Time
to Market

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