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Foreign Currency Intra-day WM Predictions

WM/Reuters Intra-day predictions enable innovative FX strategies
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The Challenge

Open new market for FX products other than the WM by providing accurate, stable, and high-performance mid-day predictions of leading foreign currency pairs

Standard Solutions

Underutilized Area in the FX Market

In-house solutions inaccurate

Market too volatile during intra-day trading

Volume level insufficient

Lack of dedicated researchers

Binah.NOW Solution

Enabling Blue Ocean Strategy

Pure service solution based on multiple data sources (ECNs)

Stable, validated, highly accurate intra-day real-time models

Support Mid, Bid and Ask forecasting for each currency pair

Delivers 16 currency pairs, more on request

Seamless, easy-to-use integration


Increase Profit with Previously Impossible Results

Gain a competitive advantage using highly accurate, stable, and high-performance foreign currency trade predictions

WM/R Intra-day WM Prediction Results

Binah.NOW – Plug-and-play

for Enterprise AI and Augmented Analytics

Use Cases

Seamless Integration
Multiple APIs

Model Validation

Unparalleled Accuracy
and Results

Signal Processing
and Proprietary Back-end Framework

10x Faster Time
to Market

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