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white_border Health Data Platform’s Health Data Platform is an AI-powered, video-based, software-only solution that allows any industry in need of real-time health data to easily extract a wide range of end-user provided health parameters in a simple, easily accessible and digital format. Health parameters include, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV SDNN and RRI raw data), oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ) and soon, blood pressure.

Transform Camera-equipped Devices into Health and Wellness Monitoring Tools

Removing the need for wearables or other dedicated hardware,’s Health Data Platform, available as a Software Development Kit (SDK), supports a wide range of devices and operating systems to enable seamless health and wellness monitoring using a personal electronic device that end-users already possess: a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just by looking at the device’s camera, users can extract a wide variety of health parameters, in under one minute.

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Your end-users can now measure vital signs and stress levels without downloading an app!
With our new SDK, compatible with Safari and Google Chrome,
health monitoring is just one link away.

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Industries We Empower

  • Healthcare and Pharma

    Telehealth, RPM, Personalized and Preventive Care, Elderly Care and Home Care, Virtual Trials, Medication adherence

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  • Insurance

    Underwriting/Dynamic Underwriting, Straight-through Processing, Risk Management, Wellness Programs

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  • Wellness

    Corporate Wellness, Personal Wellness, Aging in Place, Mental Health, Preventive Care, Nutrition

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Support For Your Business’s Needs
100% Software Based
Make health monitoring accessible anywhere with support for a broad range of devices and operating systems and easy integration into your applications and services.
100% Software Based
Make Data More Accessible
Get rid of manual health tracking. Easily access and store client-provided health data in digital format.
Make Data More Accessible
Reduce Costs
Eliminate wearables with our 100% software-based technology and shift health monitoring to a device your users already possess.
Reduce Costs
Offer Personalized Services
Tailor services to your patients’ or clients’ individual needs using real-time health data.
Offer Personalized Services
Increase Revenues
Extend coverage, services and care to larger populations in remote locations. Choose one of our flexible business models to get started.
Increase revenues
Seamless Integration
Receive comprehensive support through our documentation library and customer success team, available 24/7 for all your needs.
Seamless Integration

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What is’s solution? offers businesses a software-only, video-based Health Data Platform that transforms smartphones, tablets and laptops into health monitoring tools.

How does’s contactless health monitoring technology work?

Just by looking at the camera of a personal electronic device, like a smartphone, tablet or PC, end-users can extract a broad range of health parameters in under one minute. Our video-based technology makes health data available through just a click or tap, without the need to strap on or attach any devices.

How does extract health parameters?’s technology applies a unique mix of signal processing and AI technologies, combined with a proprietary mathematical back-end to analyze a signal taken from exposed skin on the surface of a human face. It applies motion compensation and illumination normalization and supports any gender and skin color. The health parameters extraction is based on a remote photoplethysmography rPPG or PPG signal (using the touch of a finger on the smartphone or tablet’s rear camera for challenging environmental conditions like complete darkness).’s sympathetic stress level measurement is based the internationally approved Baevsky Stress Index as well as additional parameters. The technology does not require the analysis of any identifiable personal feature (e.g., eyes).

How is delivered?’s Health Data Platform is delivered to businesses as a Software Development Kit (Binah SDK) or ready-to-use app (Binah Team), including a SaaS-based management tool.

Does sell directly to consumers?

No.’s technology is delivered to businesses in various industries in need of end-user provided health data, including healthcare, pharma, insurance, wellness and many more.

How is revolutionizing health monitoring?

Offering extraction of an extensive range of health parameters and support for various devices and operating systems, eliminates the need for wearables or other dedicated hardware used for remote health and wellness monitoring, enabling more users to easily access these tools and making user-provided health data more accessible to businesses at lower costs.

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Onboarding our technology is extremely fast and easy. Integrate our Binah SDK or use our Binah Team app to boost your offering and services. Today.